Guest Blog Requirements

Please Read Our Requirements in Full Before Submitting Your Inquiry

DentalPost’s mission is to improve the lives of dental professionals by creating better places to work through teams that excel. Our goal with the DentalPost blog is to share content that helps dental professionals grow in their personal and professional lives. If you share that vision, then we welcome, appreciate, and look forward to your contribution.

Titles and Subjects Matter

Titles are subject to be changed at DentalPost’s discretion — we may change titles for reasons regarding character limit or to improve SEO or readability. We will notify you of any title change prior to publishing.

We do not accept content that contains:

  • other job seeking / finding services or competitors
  • the mention of specific dental practices
  • content with overtly promotional/advertising or sales nature

Submission Timing and Publishing

  • Any content provided to DentalPost for publishing must be original content and must not be previously published online or subsequently published online on other websites. This policy protects both DentalPost’s and the guest blogger’s credibility and SEO rankings. Google search penalizes duplicated published web content. 
  • Once the content is submitted to DentalPost, authors can no longer make any changes to it, unless both parties agree the situation is exceptional. 
  • DentalPost will make every effort to publish content in a timely manner. We recognize that some content has a shelf life and requires timely publication. We will work within our existing editorial calendar and work with your content to assure its best use, notifying you as soon as possible with a slated publication date. Although we make every effort to adhere to the publishing date communicated to an author, all publishing dates are at the sole discretion of DentalPost and subject to change. 
  • DentalPost reserves the right to reject any content submissions that don’t meet our requirements or meet the mission of our blog, 
  • A short author bio and headshot is required to be included with your submission (if not already provided).
  • Please note, for bios, please provide all links for websites, including social media, separate from the text. Including handles, tags, etc. in your bio is strongly encouraged.

Body Copy

  • Typical posts are somewhere between 800-1200 words, but we will accept longer posts or an article series. 
  • Grammar and clarity are very important. If upon review, we find multiple writing errors, DentalPost will send the content back to the author for correction and resubmission.
  • DentalPost reserves the right to make edits to content as we deem appropriate prior to publishing to ensure alignment with our brand. The DentalPost team will communicate these changes prior to publishing.


  • All backlinks featured in content should only be to trusted and credible sites (e.g., Forbes). DentalPost will determine if a site is considered credible and safe from a privacy standpoint and if it’s appropriate to send our users to the proposed domain URL. 
  • Links to specific dental practices, job boards, or other sites in competition or similar in nature to will not be accepted. 


  • If possible, please provide high-resolution imagery with your submission as follows:
    • PNG, JPG, GIF accepted. 
    • Minimum 500×500 for interior blog pics, 1200×600 minimum for hero pic. 
  • DentalPost reserves the right to change photos or add imagery as needed prior to publishing content to align with our brand.