Road to Recovery: COVID-19 Info Hub

Road to Recovery: COVID-19 Info Hub

Clear Information For the Dental Industry From Trusted Sources

Clear Information For the Dental Industry From Trusted Sources

Last updated: 08/03/2020 11:11 am

June 2020 Job Trends & Comeback Survey

We asked. You answered. DentalPost's June job trend report and poll results are in! See what Dental Professionals like you have to say about their pay and benefits post-Covid. View the newest Dental Jobs Trend Report for our latest salary poll results, June job activity & recruiting trends.

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(N20) Nitrous News: Smiling Through The Discomfort

At DentalPost, we have a team channel called "Happy" and we use it to share good news throughout the day. We thought you might need a little good news, too. So that's what we're putting into this section.

A Book For Kids To Open Wide

Story for children aims to help build trust in dentists

You Can't Stop Us | Nike

Webinars & Events

Upcoming webinars, events, and happenings in the dental industry.

Infection Control Protocols and Optimized Crown and Bridge During COVID-19

Aug 6, 2020 7:00 pm

COVID-19 has had an immense impact on dentistry, and will most certainly change the way we perform restorative dentistry moving forward. From intraoral isolation to methods to aerosol minimization, many dentists will embrace traditional and new methods to protect themselves, their family, staff and patient population. Digital impressions can provide to eliminate the handling of contaminated impressions in the office and the dental lab. High-strength, esthetic crowns with quicker lab turnaround can be combined with simplified cementation strategies to minimize exposure to aerosols as well.

Benco Dental, Dentistry 2020 & Beyond, “Cannabis…Denticus?”: Cannabis and Its Clinical Dental Implications

Aug 5, 2020 12:45 pm

Many states have legalized cannabis (marijuana) for medical use and recreational purposes. It has been promoted as a replacement for opioids in the treatment of pain and even as a substitute for opioids in the treatment of addiction. Yet, due to its status as a Schedule I substance, there has been relatively little research regarding cannabis and its medicinal uses, especially in dentistry. This program will introduce the dental professional to the most current information regarding cannabis, including its various dosage forms, routes of administration, adverse effects, and effects on dental treatment.

Tom Viola, R.Ph., C.C.P. has over 30 years’ experience as a pharmacist, educator, speaker and author. He’s earned his reputation as the go-to specialist for delivering quality continuing education content through his informative engaging presentations. Tom’s sellout programs provide an overview of the most prevalent oral and systemic diseases and the most frequently prescribed drugs used in their treatment.

Are Composite Restorations a Perfect Solution for a Post-COVID Time?

Aug 25, 2020 7:00 pm

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss materials and techniques that offer reliable results with less time of procedure, being a good alternative for the need of indirect restorations

  • Determine how to avoid post-operatory sensitivity as the “sharp bite pain”

  • Determine how to get esthetic results using one single shade composites in anterior teeth

“No Cavities”: a Futuristic Approach to Caries Prevention

Aug 24, 2020 7:00 pm

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss current modalities for the evaluation, detection and prevention of dental caries

  • Evaluate the utilization of caries risk assessment in integrating new trends in preventive measures for the management of dental decay

  • Explore advanced procedures and products used to elevate caries prevention and management protocols.

The Critical Role of Safe Dental Unit Waterlines in the Era of COVID-19

Aug 5, 2020 6:00 pm

Dental unit waterlines have been shown to harbor a variety of microorganisms, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made waterline safety a centerpiece of interim guidance from a variety of organizations. Guidance from the CDC, ADA, and ADHA states that dental unit waterlines should be shocked and tested. Today, only half of practices are shocking, only 10% are testing, and beyond that, over 30% of treated waterlines fail their tests.

Join Amanda Hill, RDH and Dr. Gary Severance for a review of dental unit waterline safety, current guidelines related to waterline cleanliness, and tools and products available that support cleaning and testing waterlines.

Creating a Cosmetic Practice Within Your General Practice

Aug 7, 2020 9:00 am


Today's general dental practice has many patients that are interested in improving the appearance of their teeth. During this live, interactive webinar we will discuss the diverse procedures and materials that can be used to enhance your patient's dental appearance. We will also cover the case selection process, material choices, predictable techniques, prosterior director composites, 10 units of porcelein veneers, and helpful pearls of information that will allow dentists to add more cosmetic services to their practices. Additionally, learn how to transform a general practice to one that is over 50% elective dentistry, while maintaining a steady flow of general dentistry patients.

Implant Retained Solutions for the Edentulous Patient

Aug 13, 2020 7:00 pm

The edentulous population continues to grow domestically as well as globally. This market has been underserved for many years, and patients have had to adapt to ill-fitting dentures. Thanks to advances in technologies and techniques, dental professionals are now able to provide predictable solutions to increase function, form, and esthetics. These solutions will enhance the quality of life of a fully edentulous patient. This presentation will discuss implant solutions for the edentulous patient. At the end of this webinar, the clinician will recognize treatment opportunities for helping patients by progressing through various means of prosthetic components, treatments, and appliances both removable and fixed and from natural tooth to implant retained/supported modalities.

Dentures...From Traditional to Digital...The Change for the Better!

Aug 18, 2020 7:00 pm

  • Discuss the digital denture workflow from pre-op to final seat, photos and CBCT requirements and how to deliver the info to the patient

  • Determine what to do when a patient wants an exact duplicate of their existing denture

  • Develop a business model of digital dentures into a dental practice in regard to less chair time, less lab costs and increasing productivity without being too busy

Poll Results

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Are you being paid during the downtime?

Yes, I am being paid temporary leave: 10%

No, I am not being paid: 90%

Survey conducted March 20, 2020

Don't miss an opportunity to weigh in, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to take the polls.

Are you worried about losing your job?

Yes, I am worried - 56%

No, I am not worried - 44%

Survey Conducted March 23rd, 2020

Don't miss an opportunity to weigh in, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to take the polls.

Are you in a dental office where you have been laid off?

Yes - 68%

No - 32%

Survey Conducted March 20th, 2020

Don't miss an opportunity to weigh in, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to take the polls.

Do you do morning virtual huddles?

Job Seekers = 824 total respondents

Yes = 103 (13%)

No = 721 (87%)

Employers = 75 total respondents

Yes = 18 (24%)

No = 57 (71%)

Is your office donating PPE to first responders?

15% - Yes, we have PPE to spare

85% - No, we aren’t able to donate

Are you using teledentistry to see patients virtually?

Are you using teledentistry to see patients virtually?

Yes 7%

No 93%

Have you picked up any non-dentistry side work during the downtime?

Yes 9%

No 91%

Have you taken any CE's while in quarantine?

63% Yes

37% No

Are you ready when it's time to get back to business?

Yes - 29% 

Let’s Give it a Minute - 52%

No - 19%

Are you communicating regularly with your patients?

Yes - 22%

No - 78%

Have you received any financial relief yet (from PPP loans or unemployment assistance)?

Have you received any financial relief yet (from PPP loans or unemployment assistance)?

Yes - 71%

No - 29%

PPE: Links to Find Personal Protective Equipment

DentalPost is committed to helping dental offices return to work. We are compiling a list of links to PPE and infection control products to support the process of reopening safely and confidently. We cannot guarantee the efficacy or availability of any of the products listed. If you have found a great product, please email us the link at

COVID-19 Tracker By State

Scroll right to see your state dental association guidelines.

Trusted Sources

The dental industry is coming together to get through this difficult time. These individuals and organizations are doing great work, be sure to check them out.

  • Tonya Lanthier

    Tonya Lanthier, RDH turned Intra-preneur by founding DentalPost in 2005 when she saw a huge need. DentalPost is the largest online and mobile dental job board hiring resource in the United States serving 850,000 Dental Professionals and 62,000 Dental Offices. She believes in improving lives and teams by using tool and assessments to help dental professionals connect and employers make smarter hires. Her passion is to help teams build strong cultures that excel through metric-based career tools, including assessments for personality types, emotional Intelligence, values, skills, and workplace culture. 

  • Judy Kay Mausolf

    Dental Culture Specialist - helping others get happier and more successful

    In these trying times I can help you:

    • become better leaders – how to lead our team and our patients through the uncertainty with hope and clarity

    • communicate more effectively – how to make our team and patients feel welcome, comfortable and now more than ever safe

    • work together better – systems and processes to deliver safe and exceptional care

    • deliver service with more focus and passion – to build loyal patients 

    • cultivate a happier, healthier and higher performing culture

  • Fred Joyal

    Fred Joyal is the co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST, and is the author of two bestselling books, Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth, and Becoming Remarkable: How to Create a Dental Practice That Everyone Talks About. Drawing upon his 30+ years of experience in dental consumer marketing, Fred shares marketing strategies and practical techniques that dental practices need to thrive in a competitive and increasingly challenging field. His message focuses on achieving deeper patient relationships while using refined marketing tactics to maximize production from both new and existing patients.

  • Linda Harvey

    Linda Harvey, MS, RDH, HRM

    Nationally recognized healthcare risk management and compliance expert, Linda Harvey assists dentists and teams navigate regulatory requirements. Linda’s real-world experience having worked with offices that have undergone various regulatory and dental board audits can help you navigate these changing times and build a strong foundation for the future. 

    She is the founder and President of two compliance-related companies. In addition, Linda was honored to serve as a subject matter consultant for the ADA on three separate occasions. She speaks and consults with dental practices virtually as well as onsite.


    PH: 904-573-2232

  • Kevin Henry, IgniteDA

    Empowering Dental Assistants through these challenging times.

  • Janice Hurley

    Janice Hurley is referred to as Dentistry's Resource for Practice Branding.  A noted authority on personal and professional CONFIDENCE she trains teams and speaks on presenting your business in the best light.  Her programs specialize in treatment presentation and optimizing the patient's experience.   Janice consults and coaches "hands on" to help offices accurately portray their brand.  Dental Hygiene schools use her written protocol standards for both image and effective communication. She is a guest instructor at Midwestern Medical School of Dentistry and received a Lifetime Achievement award from AADOM for her impact on those that serve in the dental world.  Her recent book Dental Image Branding is making a strong impact on patient care and treatment acceptance.

  • Doug Perry

    Expert dental industry resume writer, personal brand coach

    Doug Perry is owner of GetHiredRDH and a nationally-recognized resume writer and personal branding coach for dental hygienists. In 2012 he published the book Landing a Great Dental Hygiene Job and has helped thousands of dental hygienists in every state, along with Canada, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand. His website,, is loaded with free tips, techniques, and resources for standing out as a job seeker. And he has extended his marketing services to include coaching and marketing support for other dental industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • Uche Odiatu

    Dr Odiatu has a DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine. He is a professional member of the ACSM American College of Sports Medicine, a Certified Personal Trainer (National Strength & Conditioning Association) NSCA and the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals CanFitPro. He is the co-author of  the Miracle of Health (c) 2009 John Wiley (hardcover) & (c) 2015 Harper Collins  & has lectured in Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, the UK and Europe. An invited guest on over 400 TV and radio shows from ABC 20/20, Canada CTV AM, Breakfast TV to Magic Sunday Drum FM in Texas. This high energy health care professional has done over 450 lectures in seven countries over the last 15 years: 1. Professional Convention Managers Association 2. American Dental Association  3. American Dental Hygienist Association  4. Canadian Revenue Agency  5. Great West Life Assurance  6. Yankee Dental Congress  7. Academy of General Dentistry  8. Glaxosmithkline  9. Dentistry LIVE in London and more.   

  • Laura Hatch

    Laura Hatch is known internationally as the Leader in Dental Front Office Solutions and Training. A keynote speaker, author, and coach, Laura is best known as the founder of Front Office Rocks™, a virtual training platform for dental teams that offers virtual training in all areas of the dental office and teaches the importance exceptional customer service.

    Using her unique style and interactive delivery methods, Laura loves to help dental teams learn the systems and methods to achieve unprecedented results. Through this work, she has become a mentor to her clients & her colleagues and in response, she has continued to expand the Front Office Rocks™ program with new and innovative training protocol to help take her dentists and their teams to the next level.

    Laura is a best-selling author of her book “Step Away from the Drill” and a member of the National Speaker’s Association, the Speaking Consulting Network, the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and a Fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Managers. She is a SCN Spotlight on Speaking 2nd place champion, a Dentistry's Got Talent speaking winner, and was named one of DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry.

    Email the team at

  • Christine Brooke

    Christine Brooke is the founder of Hygiene by Design — a speaker, writer, and your go-to hygiene coach for inspiring and motivating your team to new levels of performance. Christine is dedicated to supporting you in building a dream team, implementing game-changing strategies and truly creating the practice you design. Christine can be found on Instagram and Facebook and reached by email at

  • Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH

    Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH brings 19 years of experience in dentistry to her roles as an adjunct clinical faculty member at Trident Technical College, clinical educator for TePe Oral Health Care, director of education for O2 Nose Filters, and host of the “A Tale of Two Hygienists” podcast.

  • Chris Sands, ProFI

    Chris Sands focuses on counseling dental business owners as a result of his first-hand experience working in a dental practice. His goal is to help them grow and understand the importance of being fiscally responsible in their business. Chris helps educate doctors about the importance of having accurate business accounting records and a proactive relationship with their CPA to develop tax strategies for both business and personal finances. Chris is active in the dental industry where he regularly lectures at conferences, study clubs, professional association meetings, and workshops and publishes articles on business and finances in the dental industry. “More than educating, it’s the empowering of doctors that gets me excited to go to work every day! To own a business is no small task. To own a business without any training of business or finances can be daunting. Bringing doctors into the light when it comes to how things work such as cash flow, debt, interest, accounting metrics, taxes, risk management, etc. is extremely gratifying because I get to witness the lasting impact it has on the improvement of their business and themselves as better business owners and stewards of their finances.” Chris has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Real Estate and a BBA, Risk Management & Insurance from The University of Georgia. He is also an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA). He is a member of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC) and volunteers with National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Dentistry from the Heart and Dentistry for our Vets.


  • Rachel Wall, RDH, BS

    Inspired Hygiene is committed to helping dentists tap into hygiene’s profit potential through coaching, webinars, mastermind groups and more! As founder of Inspired Hygiene, Rachel Wall, RDH, BS serves the dental community as a hygiene consultant and speaker. Passionate about service, Rachel coaches dental teams to build highly productive hygiene departments by creating and implementing systems for high quality periodontal care, enrolling restorative care through hygiene and managing the logistics of a high performance hygiene department. As owner of Inspired Hygiene, Rachel and the Inspired Hygiene team assist dentists to tap into their hygiene profit potential. In addition to private coaching, Rachel draws from her 20-plus years of experience as a hygienist and practice administrator to deliver to-the-point clinical articles and speaking programs. She has spoken for numerous groups and events, including RDH Under One Roof and the AACD Annual Session. Rachel has written for, and been featured in, numerous industry journals including Dentistry Today, Progressive Dentist, RDH, and Hygienetown. She recently received the 2012 Dental Excellence Award from for “Most Effective Dental Hygienist Educator”. Inspired Hygiene’s programs include private in-office coaching, a free weekly e-zine, the Hygiene Profits Mastermind group and the Profitable Perio Online Workshop.

    You can reach Rachel by email at

  • Jennifer Grace

    Celebrity Coach, Author, and catalyst of a tribe of 50K+ women celebrating life, creativity and community

  • Bryan Laskin, DDS

    Bryan Laskin, DDS, operates a successful private dental practice in Wayzata, Minnesota. The practice, named Lake Minnetonka Dental, has a keen focus on efficient, esthetic restorative dentistry. Dr. Laskin is the founder and CEO of OperaDDS suite of communication tools; from secure email and collaboration to intra-office messaging and paperless forms.

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