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Houston, TX 77017
Posted March 10, 2017
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Mrs Celia Najera
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AMAZING OFFER FOR DENTISTS WHO WANT TO OPEN A PRACTICE BUT DO NOT WANT TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY!! We have an office that were renting for your use. Its a small 3 operatories clinic, very well situated on Richmond, close to Gessner. We do not have time to practice from it, so weve kept it closed for months. That is why were offering to rent the whole office. Yes, you would work for yourself!! You bill your work under your name, get paid directly by patients and insurance companies!You choose your own staff and your own hours! you would be your own boss!! Our proposition is to rent it for a modest monthly rent.That will include the rent for the location,and other payments we have to make every month. But the decisions on fees,hours,staff,materials,insurance companies accepted,and of course clinical decisions would all be yours. Thats how independent youd be. And,if you so decide,we can add an option to buy, for once you feel like youre ready for it. Call us right now to schedule a meeting and answer all your questions.