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You may have a great dental practice that you enjoy and patients that love you. However, you would probably love to bring on even more patients that you can help. In the digital world that we live in, your website is your best tool to do so. Here are four tips that you can utilize on your website to engage more potential patients.

Talk About the Services That You Offer

With their vast knowledge of the internet, most people are typically able to identify the specific problem that they’re having with their teeth before they ever get to your office. This means that they’re going to be searching for a dentist that offers the solution to the problem they have. For example, they may need a root canal performed on one of their teeth. Instead of searching for a dentist in your local area, they’ll likely be searching for a root canal in your local area. By having pages devoted to the individual services you offer, you can be assured that potential patients will find your website when they’re looking for more specific services.

Make Your Certifications and Awards Known

Your website is likely the first place that a potential patient will connect with you. Do your best to share your credentials, certifications, and awards with these visitors. This will help to build up your reputation as a certified dental expert that they can trust. When showing these certifications, be sure to include visual pictures. You could just state, “I’m the best orthodontist in NYC,” but you should also have a picture of the magazine where you were given that title, or testimonials from patients who claim that for you. This will draw the user’s attention more than just plain text stating your awards and credentials.

Get Your Pictures on There

People feel more comfortable when they’re able to see a picture of your office, yourself, and your staff before they ever set foot on your property. Be sure to get these pictures uploaded to your website. This helps people feel more comfortable finding your location, meeting you, and your staff. When you use your own customized photos over stock photos, viewers are better able to make that emotional connection before they ever reach your front door. Pictures humanize you and your office, which will make nervous patients relax a bit before they meet you.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

It’s no surprise that many people will use their smartphone to find you. When your website doesn’t display correctly on their phone, they’re just going to hit the back button. Instead, make sure your website will display correctly with a mobile-friendly theme. This will allow searchers on a mobile device to find the information they need from your website with ease.

Improving the look and feel of your website should be an ongoing project. Start with the perspective of your new patients in mind. The above four tips will assist you in seeing what your patients do and help you to better organize your website to cater to their needs.

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