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Don’t mess up your chance of workplace happiness.  No, seriously.  You can be very happy at work.

You just have to be in the right place with the right people.

As a job seeker – looking for your first job or your next opportunity – or a hiring office manager, you can be intentional in finding the best fit for you and your culture.  This can help create a phenomenal practice.

We at DentalPost just got back from the Hinman Dental Meeting.  Yes, we are still on that

“Hinman high!” One thing will often surprise us.  We talk to a lot of job seekers.  After all, our business is to match practices that are looking for staff with superior candidates and vice versa.  We found that while many job seekers are hopeful, others are downright frustrated.  They may not be happy in their jobs, or may work in places they are just not crazy about.

I am a big fan of Sir Richard Branson.  I learn so much from his entrepreneurial mindset.  One thing he emphasizes is finding the best cultural fit, whether you are looking for a job or looking to fill one in your office.  His advice is to use an interview to your advantage.

“Find ways to decide whether a candidate fits with your culture,” he says.

If you are the hiring office manager, invite some of your employees who would work with the new person to join you in the interview (or part of it).  Ask them to have questions of their own to ask that are relevant to the practice and the position.

Then, sit back and listen to the conversation and the way they interact.  Is everyone clicking?  The job seeker might be kind of nervous, sure, but does everyone seem to get along?

As a prospect, you want to make sure the hiring office manager knows you are a person who values teamwork and will help your coworkers.  Let’s face it; no one wants to hire a high-maintenance drama queen or king.  A great personality goes a long way, so let your personality show.  Don’t be afraid to smile.  I mean, come on, we LOVE to see beautiful teeth! Demonstrating that you are a friendly, caring and fun person can let the current staff know you will not only be at ease with your patients, but your patients will feel at ease with you too.  That is important for people who might be nervous when they get into the chair.

We all know there are those generic job boards and websites. How can you ever expect to stand out as unique or find a great job, when you are “just a number.”

At DentalPost, we are different.  What sets us apart from the rest?  We have tools that can help you pinpoint the best cultural fit.

The DISC Personality Test evaluates behavioral strengths and challenges.   It hones in on four specific areas of behavior:  dominance (control, power, assertiveness), influence (social situations and communication), steadiness (patience, persistence, thoughtfulness) and compliance (structure and organization).

With our Skills Assessment, you can rate your own expertise.  Are you “familiar” with one aspect of the role, “experienced” or perhaps an “expert” in others?  This can help you narrow down job choices.  And it helps employers more easily find the kind of employee they need.

The Core Values Test helps identify what you value most.  That allows you to target practices with similar values.  Employers, you can look at the assessment to see whether a prospect might fit right in to your established culture.

Let us help you – both the job seeker and the hiring office manager – keep your culture working well, with every move you make or every person you hire.

And stay tuned.  I am heading off to Sir Richard Branson’s island in the Caribbean for a week of mentorship and learning from one of the super entrepreneurs of the world!  As I soak up his expertise (and a little sun and sea!) I will let you know how it is going!  And I will use what I am learning to help you.

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