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HR Dive- Onboarding and corporate cultures are not about ‘sink or swim’

June 9, 2017
The facts on employee retention are sobering at best. Nearly one-third of all employees are actively disengaged, and more than half see themselves jumping ship within a year of starting a new job. Read more

Dentistry Today- Six Mistakes Dentists Make When Hiring (and How to Avoid Them!)

Remember the class you took in dental school all about interviewing and hiring terrific team members? No? Of course not! Chances are there wasn’t one. It is no wonder that dental teams are frustrated with the process of interviewing and hiring. Read more

DentalPost Becomes PACE Program Provider

May 2, 2017

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DentalPost Press Building a Better Team: How to Use Personality Testing to Make a Smarter Hiring Decision

December 12, 2016
Have you ever hired the wrong person? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. So where is the break down? Often, hiring managers mistakenly hire for skills and fire for culture. Read more

Recruiter- 4 Ways to Include Your Tribe in the Hiring Process

Recruiters and HR managers have the important job of building and maintaining well-oiled company cultures. As your organization grows, you’ll need to add new members who will complement the vibe of your tribe. I know this can seem overwhelming. Luckily, you won’t have to carry the responsibility alone. Your tribe can be your greatest hiring asset. Read more Building a Strong, Vibrant Company Culture: 5 Tips to Follow

December 8, 2016
The strongest, most disruptive companies have leaders who drive innovation by creating a culture that encourages curiosity, facilitates growth and inspires self-improvement. Company leaders set the tone, but they can’t do it alone. As HR professionals, you play an important role in building a vibrant culture. Hiring the right people is key to nurturing a culture. Read more

Business News Daily- Leadership Lessons: It Takes a Tribe to Run a Company

October 19, 2016
I've learned throughout my journey that it takes a tribe to do what I do. I was lucky enough to watch my grandmother Hazel work in the family business while spending time with her family. I also had the opportunity to learn from a female dentist who ran her office, family and a side business. I realized quickly that it took her whole office working together to achieve success. Read more

Training Industry- 4 Training Tips to Ensure Employee Cultural Fit

October 4, 2016
As a training professional, you know the information new employees need to be successful in their positions. You train people to answer phones, speak to clients and complete tasks in ways that align with your company philosophy. However, if you have been in the business long enough, you have encountered new hires that just don’t fit. They interviewed well and picked up skills easily, yet they aren’t meeting their goals and are always away from their desk. Their managers look to the training department to resolve the conflict. Read more

dentalcompare- Top 4 Ways to Rock Your Upcoming Dental Conference

September 28, 2016
Attending a dental conference is an incredibly valuable experience for dental professionals and a way to get the credits you need to keep up. Whether you run your own practice or work with colleagues at a dental practice, it’s nice to tap into your network of dental professionals and grow your skills personally and professionally. Read more

Entrepreneur- 4 Reasons You Should Host a Philanthropic Event

September 27, 2016
If you ask a thousand different business owners why they’ve hosted charity events, you’ll probably get a thousand different reasons. The causes they support are diverse and the needs they fulfill are great. Entrepreneurs are unique individuals with stories and connections that influence their causes. As humans, we are drawn to causes that are important to us or impacted us or those we love. Read more