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As our 7th annual “Go Jump In The Lake” fundraising campaign to benefit The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation’s (AACDCF) Give Back a Smile (GBAS) comes to a close, we are elated to share that we have reached a milestone $10,000 donation made on behalf of our DentalPost team and community! The Foundation’s mission is to assist in rebuilding the smiles and lives of adults who have suffered dental injuries from domestic and sexual violence, through compassionate cosmetic dental services and support programs. Dollar-by-dollar, the contributions of our colleagues, friends and family helped us swiftly meet our base goal of $5,000, and DentalPost has matched the collective donations with an additional $5,000 to support this cause that is so near and dear to my heart.

I first launched “Go Jump In The Lake” in 2011 as a way to support and make a positive difference in the lives of domestic violence victims through the Give Back a Smile charity. You see, I know personally the impact it can have on a person when you aren’t able to smile confidently. I experienced this first-hand following a childhood bicycle accident that left me with several broken teeth and trauma to my mouth. My parents were divorced, and my mother did not have the money to fix my teeth, so I endured kids calling me names and teasing me for years, which really affected my self-confidence as a child. I stopped smiling and feeling the pure joy of a laugh. The experience had a profound effect on who I am today, and literally sent me head first into my career.  

While I would never compare this to the psychological and physical trauma of someone who has experienced domestic violence, my experience taught me how it feels to have your smile taken away, and the impact something as simple as a smile can have on our daily lives. For this reason, I am particularly passionate about the work the amazing folks at Give Back a Smile do day in and day out. Here are just a few stats to show just how far each donation can stretch thanks to the partnership of the amazing dental professionals and companies nationwide who donate so much of their time, services, products and other resources:

  • It costs the Foundation around $1,000 to restore one smile, which is leveraged more than 9 times in donated dental services
  • There are currently around 80 Give Back A Smile applicants receiving smile restorations all across the nation
  • A $100 donation ensures a Give Back A Smile patient can get to and from five dental appointments
  • A $75 donation ensures 20 domestic violence shelters receive Give Back A Smile program information for victims in need
  • $5,000 provides one educational scholarship for a Give Back A Smile recipient in college

We are so grateful for the opportunity to provide whatever help we can to make a positive difference in the lives of these deserving folks, and are humbled by the support of our DentalPost community and each individual who helped make this contribution possible by donating to our online fundraiser, attending our annual “Go Jump In The Lake” event at Lake Rabun, and participating in our #GoJumpInTheLake photo challenge on social media.

I feel passionately that every person should have a smile they feel proud to show off to the world. Supporting Give Back a Smile is extremely important to myself and my entire team, and we look forward to continuing our support and growing our impact even more next year.

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