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Love your jobThere is no doubt about it. Job interviews can be scary and nerve-wracking. You are anxious and working hard to sell yourself so this dental office will hire you. While we might dread them, the interview is a crucial time to determine what kind of office it is and if you can see yourself working there. Here are questions to consider: What are their core values? Do they match up with yours? These types of questions are essential to figuring out if it’s a fit. Remember, you are interviewing the office as much as they are interviewing you. Your job satisfaction will determine your success. Taking the time in the interview to ask questions will help you understand if you are a fit.

Leadership starts at the top of an organization and trickles down. So, when you are interviewing with the boss or office manager- you are getting a glimpse of what the rest of the office looks like. Listen to the types of questions they ask. It might seem like they are asking all the questions, so pay attention and you’ll get a lot of answers too. Here are a few signs that you’re interviewing at a great office:

#1: Interested in you and who you are beyond your resume

By asking questions that dive into your personality and your best working atmosphere, the interviewer shows they understand you are more than a set of skills. Who you are, what you believe, and how you interact with others is an essential part of the job. When you interview with someone who understands this, you know you are in a good office. You are in an office that truly cares about their tribe.

#2: Concerned about your fit into the team

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work”. If the team doesn’t work well together, the office will not succeed. It is as simple as that. When the boss or office manager puts the needs of their office at the forefront, they are showing a desire to protect a great team chemistry. When they try to determine how you will fit in with their team, you can leave the interview knowing the office works like a well-oiled machine!

#3: Curious about what you want out of the job and your long-term career goals

The interviewer already knows what they want. They wrote the job description, remember?  They want someone who can fit that description who also meshes with their team culture. It’s a tall order! A great office will also consider your wants and needs in addition to theirs. They understand the job will only work for you if it is fulfilling. Does this job line up with your long-term career goals? A smart boss or office manager understands if the position aligns with what you want your career to look like, you will be more likely to stay in the position for a long time- which is what they want.

#4: Emphasizes continuing education

I firmly believe we are never done learning. The world is changing fast and we need to innovate to stay competitive. We must continue to learn and develop our skills. A great boss encourages education and realizes that learning makes you more of an asset to their team. They aren’t afraid for you to gain more knowledge in fear that you will become attractive to other employers then leave. They want to invest in you.

It’s time to stop thinking job interviews are solely for the employer. Instead, go into the interview ready to learn more about the practice. Take the steps to find a job and a team you love to work with. You have the power to control your future.

Life is short. Work somewhere awesome.

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