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Ever wonder why some employees excel at their job while others just do okay or even poorly? After all, they work in the same office and for the same employer. Why is one doing GREAT while the other is not?

Every Employee is Different

Although it may be easy to treat everyone the same, and it may seem like that is the only way to be fair, it is very important to understand that everyone is unique. Employees have different needs, requirements, and expectations that must be understood to help them reach their full potential.

Realistic Expectations

When running an office it is very important to have realistic expectations. If you set goals that are out of reach, employees will become discouraged. If one employee has stellar performance in one area, while another does not, find out where they can excel. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

Develop and Challenge Employees

There are many team development resources out there to help your team function at a high level. Try using a Dental Consultant like Tanya Brown in Virginia Beach, who helps dental practice employers determine how best to apply the strengths of their employees. This can make a big difference.

For example, an employee who is outgoing and enjoys talking to people can be the one who calls patients to remind them about appointments, or lets them know about new products and procedures. Another, who needs to build up relationships before feeling comfortable making calls, can be assigned to call those patients she has had for a long time.

Reward Employees

While paying well is always appreciated by employees, it is not the only way to make them feel valued. Just taking the time to tell them they did a great job goes a long way. Gift cards and other incentives are also effective. Maybe take a day to buy them lunch after a particularly good week.

Giving employees a workplace that is positive and motivating also helps. Make the office a more pleasant environment; ask employees what they would like to see different. Chances are, if your employees find your office to be dull or unpleasant your patients do, as well.

Encourage Strengths and Manage Weaknesses

While it is important to encourage a person’s strengths, it is just important to understand their weaknesses. This will allow you to better position the employee to perform at their highest level.

It goes back to the ‘Develop and Challenge Employees’ section above. Sometimes it makes sense to put an employee into a situation that forces them to work on a weakness, but not in such a way that demoralizes them. Make sure they understand why they are doing what they’re doing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fire an Employee

While no one hires a new employee expecting to fire them right away, there are times when it has to happen. It is unpleasant, and it is best to handle it sooner rather than later. It is not fair to the employees who ARE doing great to keep someone like that on. Cutting an employee who is not working out will maintain harmony in the workplace.

Never Stop Learning

Running an office or company is not easy. Make it a priority to keep learning, always staying open to new information and ideas about how to improve. Doing this will help you bring out the best in each employee.

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