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There are many different aspects to job satisfaction. Even if you love the work you do, your work environment or your co-workers might frustrate you. Take this short quiz to see how satisfied you are with your job.

iStock_000014976583XSmall1. Getting to and from work is easy for me.
a) Never
b) Sometimes
c) Often
d) Always

2. What is your level of supervision?
a) Over supervised
b) Under supervised
c) Self-Employed
d) Just Right

3. How much do you enjoy your work?
a) Immensely. I’d never give it up.
b) It’s great but there are some downsides.
c) It’s a job and at least I get paid.
d) I hate my work constantly.

4. How would you describe your relationship with your coworkers?
a) I work alone and enjoy it.
b) I work alone and miss the company.
c) My coworkers and I get along well.
d) I find my coworkers irritating.

5. What do you think of the company’s way of doing things?
a) The company’s systems promote communication and employee growth.
b) The company is too bureaucratic and nothing ever gets done.
c) I have a few suggestions for improvement, but overall it works.

6. Do you find your job challenging?
a) It’s too challenging and I often feel lost or confused.
b) I enjoy the amount of challenge I am given.
c) I wish that I had a job that was more challenging.

7. How often do you think about getting a new job?
a) All the time.
b) Whenever I see a job posting that looks interesting.
c) When I get particularly frustrated at work.
d) Never.

8. How well suited are you for your job?
a) I have the proper training, abilities, and skills.
b) I learn to keep up, but that keeps me on my toes.
c) Everyone else seems to do this work with much more ease than me.
d) This job does not highlight my skills and abilities.

9. How well are you paid?
a) Not half as much as I deserve.
b) Not as much as my coworkers with similar jobs.
c) The same as coworkers or people in the same field.
d) More than most people in my field.

Now: Mark your quiz using the answer key.

1. a=4, b=3, c=2, d=1
2. a=3, b=3, c=2, d=1
3. a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4
4. a=1, b=2, c=1, d=3
5. a=1, b=4, c=2
6. a=3, b=1, c=2
7. a=4, b=3, c=2, d=1
8. a=1, b=2, c=3, d=3
9. a=4, b=3, c=1, d=1


If you scored between 9-14:
You have a high level of job satisfaction. Perhaps you hear others complaining about their jobs and you wonder why they stay at their jobs. You are fortunate to have a job that you are pleased with.

If you scored between 14-18:
You are generally satisfied with your job but there are areas that still bother you. Look at what elements of your job are the most frustrating, and see if you can do anything to change them. For instance, if the drive to work is stressful, consider carpooling or taking transit. If you feel that you are being overly supervised, talk to your boss about perhaps taking on some added responsibility for the work that you perform.

If you scored between 19-24:
You, like many other people, are unhappy with your job. Consider your job, and ask yourself if it is the basic elements of your job that you find difficult or frustrating. If so, you might consider looking for a new job. You deserve to work at a place where you will be respected and appreciated.

If you scored between 24-32:
It is time for you to find a new job. Write your resume and start hitting the pavement so that you can find a job that you will love. Just because it is a job doesn’t mean that it has to be a chore: find a work you love, and you will love to work.

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Shannon Columbo is the editor of The Guide to Resumes. To find out how to write a resume that will get you the job you want, be sure to see these writing tips.

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