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Leaders in Dentistry: Anne Duffy

Tonya Lanthier, RDH
Tonya Lanthier, RDH

Posted May 01, 2017

In this edition of Leaders in Dentistry, we had the chance to interview with our friend, Anne Duffy, RDH. Anne has been busy launching a magazine, while traveling around the country to different conferences! Here’s what she shared with us:

  1. It was great seeing you at the Hinman Dental Meeting! What other meetings are you attending this year?

I believe it is very important to show up at meetings because it connects you to real people. They are a vehicle to help you stay relevant and connected to what is going on inside and outside of the operatory and/or office. You can’t beat networking with your peers. Being a publisher, I am curious and I want to hear authentic stories and get honest feedback. Face to face is the best way to accomplish that.  The dialogue is priceless. Hence, I go to as many meetings as logistically and financially possible.  I will be at SCN in Orlando, where the finest speakers in the business gather. I plan to attend Siro World in Vegas, ADWD in Amelia Island, ADMC and the ADA in Atlanta and the ASDA National Leadership meeting in Chicago.  I would never miss The Hinman, my favorite meeting! They know the true meaning of Southern Hospitality and have been very good to me over the years. I encourage everyone to push yourself to go to the next meeting, it is always worth the effort!

  1. Congratulations on a great magazine launch! Can you tell us a little bit about the reason you started the magazine?

Our #1 goal with DeW Life is to inspire all women in Dentistry. Inspire them to engage in their career, to interact with their colleagues, to connect and most importantly, to highlight each other. “A rising tide raises all ships.” I had been publishing Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom for seventeen years.  That audience is the graduating dentist. Realizing that more than

50% of the graduating dentists are women was front and center. Hearing stories from friends and colleagues in my own office (I still practice hygiene one day a week) and in the industry started to fire me up. Some of these women were being bullied at work, not receiving equal pay for services rendered and not receiving the promotions they deserved. Now, my dad lovingly called me a pushy broad for as long as I could remember and eventually my inner Erin Brokovich came out.  I felt there was a need to bring all women in dentistry together. I wanted to create a lifestyle magazine, (think Vanity Fair, Real Simple and People) that would speak to all women that choose dentistry as a profession in any capacity.  What I have discovered is that women are women first. This is for women, about women and by women and it’s FAB!

3. What changes have you seen in the dental industry from a leadership standpoint in the last few years? Do (DEW) you see any changes on the horizon?

Oh yes, and it is all exciting. Dentistry is no longer a male dominated profession. Women are leading the enrollments in dental schools and women are discovering that dentistry can develop into a lifelong fulfilling career where retirement is not the end game. As I have mentioned before, DeW’s don’t retire! New technology makes it is easier than ever to enroll treatment. The oral systemic connection is continuing to gain momentum.  This will bring all medical teams together to promote overall health and wellness. Exploration in the field of dentistry is starting to take center stage in mind, body and spiritual balance.  I believe the consolidation of practices is common where they are run, not by the dentist, but by a practice management team.  In general, the focus has shifted to the customer experience. Women care deeply about this for themselves and their families and this will open more doors in leadership positions for women moving forward.

  1. It’s been great to see how many women dental entrepreneurs you’ve brought together in such a short amount of time, what does success look like to you over the next year? Five years?

First and foremost, I am so grateful for the amazing women in dentistry that have helped us get the Dew Life Community launched. I certainly can’t do this by myself. You know the saying, “It takes a village.” By the end of the year I see Dew Life growing organically. We even put in a Happiness Challenge on our site to help that along. It will grow because females are extremely dedicated to the work-life balance and Dew will help bridge that gap. Also, women are sisters. Women love women. And women love a good story. In a sense, sharing real stories of women, the good, the bad and the ugly, is almost like a dental reality show. I am inspired every time another story comes across my desk. You have got to read them! And we want to hear more!  We would be honored to share the stories of the Dental Post community. What is your story? Sharing your success with us and the path you took on your way will impact so many.

Success for us five years out would be that all women in dentistry would be engaged in working together and supporting each other through Dew Life. Together we will grow our confidence, our ambition and our love of our profession. Together, we will show you the way. Let’s make it a great career and be the example that draws future dynamic women into the fold building relationships and careers from the bottom to the top.

Just DeW it!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Anne Duffy

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