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As much as you want to occasionally take time off of work, there is always an internal or external pushback. You may think things like, “My practice needs my help”, “Will I be able to find a temp to fill in for me?” or, “What will my boss think if I take some time off?”

Why are you hesitant?

A lot of this internal pushback can be attributed to how employees view their practice’s policies on taking time off of work. Here are a few statistics on how employees view taking time off:

Nearly 66% of employees feel that their company culture is ambivalent, discouraging, or sends mixed messages about time off. More than a quarter (26%) say they fear that taking vacation could make them appear less dedicated at work, and just under a quarter (23%) say they do not want to be seen as replaceable.

With all of this said, research has shown that companies that encourage appropriate vacation time have happier and more productive employees. There’s also research that suggests taking occasional time off of work is better for your health. Now that we’ve established that taking a brief hiatus is beneficial to you and your practice, let’s get into how to ask and prepare for your time off.

How to Approach Taking Time Off

First, educate yourself on your practice’s vacation policy. Is there a preset number of days you’re able to take off? The next step is to check your practice’s schedule; is the week you want to take off booked solid? Can a temp easily fill in for you that week?

Now, it’s time to talk to your boss. Be sure to give them plenty of notice for them to rearrange your patients and schedule accordingly. After your boss gives you the green light, it’s up to you to inform your coworkers of your leave and equip them with everything they’ll need without you there.

However, if your boss declines your request for time off, either suggest new dates that might work better or schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss any issues that resulted in this rejection.

Take Some Time For Yourself

Taking time for yourself to spend however you want is not only important for you as a person, but also for you as an employee! What’s your practice’s vacation policy? How many days a year do you normally take off? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page!

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