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SIROWORLD-dental-dentist-hygiene-front office-hygienistHave you ever been told you can’t do something? It won’t work? You can’t do that? Are you crazy?

Well this August, we pulled off the ultimate dental meeting! Not only did DentalPost, Fortune Management and The Progressive Dentist partner with Siroworld, we did it in August in Orlando, holy humidity! (with the Zika Virus in the news daily) Over 5,000 dental professionals came together for one hell of a dental meeting, in a place called the Rosen Shingle, that sounded a lot more like a disease than a hotel in my opinion!

When I emailed Sir Richard Branson back in 2014 to ask him if he would come speak to my dental community, since he is a busy guy, I had no idea he would actually be able to to come! He wrote back and told me he had family and friends in town that weekend but he would do it for me, his only request was that it be early that day so he could return to his guests.

Michael Augins of DentsplySirona landed the ultimate entertainment, Seinfeld and OneRepublic. Who has Sir Richard Branson and Jerry Seinfield on stage in the same day? That’s after a full day of education! We had over 100 speakers there through the weekend helping to grow our profession by covering clinical courses, technology and businesses courses.

While at the Siroworld event, I was grateful to be a part of the Women in Dentistry Panel and speak with Jennifer Chevalier at Fortune Management, Bonnie Hixson of Progressive Dentist Magazine, and Tiffany Dudley, DDS.

While listening to these women talk about managing their lives, it was interesting to think about how we all cope and develop our skills in different ways. We all come from different backgrounds. Throughout high school and college, I worked a variety of jobs. I worked as a; baby sitter, kennel cleaner, golf cart girl, convenience store clerk, and landscaper – you name it!In the dental profession; I worked as a front office receptionist, dental assistant, hygienist and now a CEO. I always strive to be the best at whatever I am doing, whether a pooper scooper, or CEO of DentalPost.

While on the panel, we talked about truly listening skills, awareness of behavior or emotional intelligence (EI), skills in leadership, separating facts from emotions, core values, culture and communicating effectively. We also spoke on how women lead differently from men. Understanding the differences allows offices to operate more efficiently. This does not mean one gender leads better than the other, all it means is that the two lead in different ways, and understanding that is important for the success and ecosystem of the office.

I left Orlando with much more than I brought with me. I brought back knowledge, ideas and wisdom from my dental family; which I can use to continue to improve the lives of dental professionals through DentalPost. I would encourage all dental professional to attend Dentsply Sirona World 2017. The experience was off the charts! I’m already counting down the days until the Ultimate Dental Event or what I call, the Ultimate Dental Educational Experience in Las Vegas!


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