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Top Ten Dental Technician Programs

Posted September 25, 2018

Joel Syder

Dental Technician is a popular job position at the moment. To become one, you will need a high school diploma or GED as well as a certification. There are plenty of colleges offering two-year programs for dental technicians.

Here are the top ten dental technician programs:

Los Angeles City College

With this program, students can receive an Associate of Science degree or a certificate of achievement. Students learn design and construction of dental prosthesis as well as ceramic and metal restorations and so on. You’ll have the opportunity to work with expert dentists and state of the art equipment.

Prima Community College

Students who complete the Dental Laboratory Technician program at this school will receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree. You can complete the program in two years with combining day, night and weekend classes.“You will learn how to construct and repair dental appliances and many other things. Tuition is required but it’s not huge and you can always contact them on their site,” says Marianne Jennings, an educational specialist at 1Day2Write and Originwritings.

McFatter Technical College

This program lasts for 18 months and it’s full time. You’ll learn dental science, oral anatomy and many other related topics that will enable you to work as a dental technician.

Kirkwood Community College

Studying with this program will get you a hands on experience and a lot of useful knowledge. You can have certifications in five areas – partial dentures, ceramics, dentures, orthodontics, crowns and bridges. This program will give you an ASS degree as well.

Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

If you are looking for an intensive training in all areas of making fixed prosthodontics, removable prosthodontics and so on, this is a great program for you. You can get a lot more information on their website on tuition, degrees and many other helpful things.

Middlesex Community College

At this school, students can acquire knowledge of anatomy, occlusion, issues in dental lab technology, oral anatomy and many other areas. Students can become skilled in different fields and find their true interest. Again, you can learn a lot of valuable information on their site.

Indiana University Perdue University Fort Wayne

They have three programs – dental hygiene, dental lab technology and dental assisting. “With each program, you’ll learn the specifics of the job and acquire skills that will make you a great dental technician. After the completion, you’ll receive an Associate of Science degree,” says Corey Gibbons, a health writer from WriteMyX and Academicbrits.

New York City College of Technology

This school has four semester programs for student ts who would like to learn about all phases of dental technology as well as related sciences, legal and business areas of the job. You are required to purchase tools, uniforms, books and all of the other required materials.

Erie Community College, South Campus

This college offers ample information on various aspects of the dental technician job. They will teach you about many techniques and provide opportunities to work with the best dentists and dental technicians.

Durham Technical Community College

This course can offer you quality programs on complete and partial dental techniques, crown and bridge techniques, ceramics and various other things. Student’s can also gain practical experience during their fifth semester and work on off-campus laboratory sites.


Many colleges offer amazing programs which will teach you everything you need to know about the dental technician job. They give lessons on everything, from basics to specifics of each area they teach you. Take a look at one of these colleges and pick the one that suits you best.

About the author: Joel Syder works as a business analyst and writer with OriginWritings and AcademicBrits. In his free time, he likes to help people realise their potential in the field of IT. Joel also enjoys writing articles about fields that he finds exciting.

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