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When: Sun May 26, 2019
Location: Red Bluff, CA 96080, USA

Event Details:
May 3, 2019 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm “How Crown Lengthening WILL Enhance Your Restorative Results” and Beating Up On Your Patient’s Periodontal Disease with Minimally Invasive Antimicrobial Treatment” JAMES KOHNER, DDS "How Crown Lengthening WILL Enhance Your Restorative Results This course covers methods, limitations, and benefits of both esthetic and functional crown lengthening. You WILL leave with a better understanding of these principles, and be able help patients enjoy better and more predictable results. These principles apply to both posterior and anterior teeth, and both will be covered. Participants will see how crown margin proximity to soft tissue can adversely impact their restorative results, including a better understanding of why tissues are red and sore at times. Discussion points include making diagnostic decisions regarding Crown Lengthening from both radiographic and clinical perspectives. Also included is a detailed discussion of Biologic Width and how that impacts restorative decisions, including how to improve “Gummy Smile” issues. Multiple case examples are shown from both radiographic and clinical perspectives, starting with initial evaluation through the surgery and final completion." Red Bluff Community Center 1500 South Jackson Red Bluff, CA 96080 United States For more info visit:

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