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Are Your Patients Too Sensitive?…Addressing Oral Hypersensitivity/Pain Management with Today’s Patients

Jan 19, 2023



Are You’re Patients “Too Sensitive? -Discussing, Handling and Addressing Oral Hypersensitivity /Pain Management with Today’s Patients

Caries infection has increased in today’s population and continues to be a major disease for children and adults. This course discusses the impact of Nano Technology on today’s preventative and restorative materials. Attendees will have a “hands-on forum” to provide their dental teams with new findings on today’s desensitizers, fluoride applications, & dental tooth creams used to combat patient’s current symptoms and effectively handle pain management.


*Gain an understanding of new research findings that can contribute to the evidence for application of varnish with chemotherapeutic fluoride treatment

*Understand the findings of recent research exploring how dental practitioners are using scientific evidence in their patient treatment decisions and patient counseling


  • Attendees will learn about the method of applying Xylitol containing, natural and artificial based fluoride treatments and Nano filled tooth creams
  • Understand how to discuss options with your patient how to better manage their sensitivity and pain issues that occur when they neglect their oral health
  • Understand the correct 2019 CDT coding for hygiene procedure & incorporate certain hygiene procedures to increase profitability in the office