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Culturally Impacted: Legacy Speaker™ Transformational Communication Series

Nov 08, 2022




We navigate many situations and environments in the dental world as we interact with patients and staff from diverse cultures and backgrounds. As leaders and healthcare providers, our communication skills are paramount to our career progression, leadership capacity, and the development of supportive relationships with our colleagues and patients. Although communicating confidently and sensitively is not innate, we can develop with practice. The Legacy Speaker™ Transformational Communication Series spends three sessions delving into self-leadership and the art of trauma-informed communication in an atmosphere of inclusion. This program will open your team’s eyes to how communication can improve the lives of everyone around us when we begin to express ourselves with purpose and confidence and become a Legacy Speaker TM . In this interactive program, your team will meet at the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and self-leadership, where they will learn how backgrounds impact communication and how they can communicate in a trauma-informed way that improves workplace fulfillment.

Course #1: Communication Through Our Environment, Culture, & Design

Course #2: Improving Communication In The Workplace

Course #3: Navigating Difficult Conversations & Toxic Work Cultures

Course #4: Transformational Speaking In The Workplace


At the conclusion of this series, participants will be able to:

● Recognize how the environment, culture, and neurological design impact communication skills

● Identify challenges that impact workplace communication

● Explain the importance of effective communication through the intersectionality of diversity, inclusion, self-leadership, and trauma

● Define The H.E.A.R.T Methodology™ and its benefits to workplace culture

● Illustrate common practices that foster toxic workplace cultures

● Create a strategic plan to navigate and overcome difficult conversation and toxic workplace cultures

● Develop confidence in effective communication skills in various workplace settings PRE-Work prior to the communication series:

All participants are encouraged to take the course RIP To Cultural Competency: The Future of Diversity, taught by Jasmin Haley, MS, prior to taking this course. At the conclusion of each 1 hour program, 30 min of interactive Q&A will be held. This program is excellent for teams and companies looking to improve their workplace culture and communication.