Digital Implant Surgical, Restorative and Full Arch Workflows

Digital Implant Surgical, Restorative and Full Arch Workflows

Jul 30, 2021 - Aug 01, 2021



The spectrum of workflows/options for multiunit and full-arch implant surgeries and restorations in the digital age is daunting. Come learn!

About this event

The spectrum of options for implant restorations in the digital age is daunting. Stock abutments? Expensive lab-fabricated custom abutments? What about using my mill? Ti-bases? It’s time for some clarity!

Join Dr. Don Murry for a crash course through the digital workflow options you’re afforded with today’s technology. Learn how to leverage your CAD/CAM technology to maximize patient comfort, clinical outcome and financial cost effectiveness. Learn how to mill digitally-designed, screw-retained restorations, presurgical provisions and plan single and multi unit digitally guided and timed implant surgeries.

Get hands-on and didactic experience planning dentate and edentulous full arch cases for digital pre-surgical hybrid fabrication via 3D printing. Learn about multi unit prosthetics, surgical workflows and restorative options. Harness the business of full arch implant cases and learn how to present the value to your patients. Come have your mind blown! And change your practice!

Coupled with top flight education, course attendees will experience a weekend of great food, entertainment, and on-site lodging– all adding up to a redefining of their dental career through a reimagination of the ‘dental education experience’.

Dr. Don Murry graduated from Case Western University School of Dental Medicine in 2010, and is the president of a multi-location general dental practice in Richmond, VA. Besides managing 10 dentists and 60+ employees, Dr. Murry is passionate about digital dentistry and dental implantology, and educating other dentists and their teams on their application to real world, PPO dentistry. In 2017, he founded Are You Numb Yet? LLC as a way to share that message with doctors from all over the world.



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