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Erasing the Gap: Challenges of Patient Acceptance in Periodontal Treatment Plans

Aug 31, 2023



Presenter: Dr. Samuel Low
Credits: 1 CEU
AGD Subject Code: 490
Webinar Begins: 8/31/23 7:00 PM ET
6:00 PM CT
4:00 PM PT

Welcome to a CE webinar designed for dentists and dental hygienists committed to enhancing their patient communication skills and increasing acceptance rates of periodontal treatment plans. In this webinar, you will delve into the most significant challenges faced by practitioners and their hygiene team in convincingly proposing both non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatment plans to their patients. You will explore various methods to bridge this gap between practitioners and patients, such as improved communication through verbal cues and visual aids; utilizing technology to increase patient education, offering financial support through possible 3rd party plans and alternative payment options, reducing patient anxiety by providing supportive care and a calming environment during visits, and considering cultural and language barriers.

During this CE webinar, we will

  • Understand the 5 primary barriers to patient acceptance of periodontal treatments, including lack of education, fear and anxiety, financial concerns, time constraints, and cultural/linguistic challenges
  • Appreciate a better understanding of how to effectively present periodontal treatment plans to patients and increase acceptance rates
  • Learn how to leverage the power of motivational interviewing through 6 key questions that will help you build a rapport with your patients, gather essential information, and guide them in making an informed decision regarding their oral and overall health