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Fluoride Is NOT Just For Kids: How Fluoride is changing the delivery of care for our patients

Dec 06, 2023



Throughout history, mankind has constantly been in search of a better way. A better way to travel. A better way to communicate. A better way to educate. Finding a better way requires a plan that involves mapping out ones’ destination, setting a course, carving out a path, and ultimately paving the way. This program focuses on the innovations and advancements in remineralization products and technologies that will influence and change the delivery of care we provide to our patients starting today. We will specifically focus on all types of Fluoride. For years we only gave in-office fluoride for kids up to 16 or 18 years of age…Why? Because that’s when insurance stopped paying. Let’s look at all the different products and figure out when and why to use all of them. Join us for this 1-hour virtual overview.

Course objectives:

  • Differentiate the stages of an active carious lesion and identify when remineralization therapy or surgical restorative treatment is indicated
  • Review the importance of fluoride, options and rational
  • Define the mechanism of action and benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride