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How To LOVE Your Dental Practice!

Jan 24, 2023



There are hundreds of courses, seminars and webinars these days that promise to change your dental practice. Many focus on clinical techniques, or adding new procedures to your mix. Others concentrate on practice management, revenue growth, new patient acquisition, and all the usual suspects. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But what good is all of that if you don’t enjoy going to work every single day?

And of course, if you DO truly enjoy practicing dentistry, the patients and the team can feel it, so your revenues WILL go up without even trying!

This is the FIRST TIME we’re presenting this brand new webinar. Why?

Too frequently, dentists and team members “put in their time” at work as if it’s a jail sentence, only doing so in order to earn enough money to enjoy their time outside of the office. That’s called a “Negative Happiness Equation,” and unfortunately it doesn’t work. The solution? It’s time to learn “How To Love Your Dental Practice!”

Yes – you really can have a the “dream job” if you know how!

So please join in to learn things like:

The one simple question to ask that will show if your practice is one that you AND your patients will love!
How to delegate the right way – your team will love you for this!
How to create a culture and mission that everyone will be on board with!
Why “The Seating Chart Rule” will contribute to practice happiness
How the “crown prep in room #3” can ruin everything, and why you need to change that!
Patient selection: get this right and LOVE your practice. Get it wrong and HATE your life!
How dental specialists can be a great tool towards happiness and production!
The five-word adage that will spare you years of misery. Years!
What to do immediately if a patient, insurance company, or even team member pisses you off!
BONUS! How to immediately bring cash into your practice by doing practically nothing!!