Opioid Use and Abuse: Safe Prescribing for Acute Dental Pain

Opioid Use and Abuse: Safe Prescribing for Acute Dental Pain

Jul 30, 2021

Texas A&M College of Dentistry


Course Summary:

The abuse of prescription opioids has reached epidemic proportions across the nation. Accidental or intentional overdose of prescription drugs is on the increase, affecting us all. Dentist, by nature of the practice of the profession, are at the forefront of encountering patients in pain. As such, we find ourselves in an optimum position to be valuable assets in helping to curb the use and misuse of these agents. This course will review the recent trends in in opioid use and diversion. It will also review the pharmacology of opioid agents and discuss alternative approaches to pain management in the dental practice.

This course fulfills the requirements of the TSBDE for continuing education in the abuse and misuse of controlled substances, opioid prescription practices and or/practices.  TSBDE requires 2 hours however this course is 3 hours.

Course Topics and Objectives:

• Understand recent trends in the abuse and diversion of controlled substance

• Review the pharmacology of opioid analgesics

• Recognize the signs of drug abuse and diversion by dental patients

• Understand the current use of prescription monitoring programs

• Recognize cases in which alternatives to opioids are more appropriate choices for pain management