The Future of B2B Research and Insights

The Future of B2B Research and Insights

Jul 28, 2021




While B2B marketing research has always relied on “block-and-tackle” research methods for generating business insights and thought-leader content, new technologies such as AI, machine learning, B2B social listening, and video capture are creating a new generation of data collection and analytics methods for B2B companies whose success depends on understanding their markets and companies.

Join Endeavor Business Media Research Director, Russell Richey, for an overview of the new research toolkit that B2B decision-makers and research insights professionals can use to generate deep insights into their customers and markets.

This webinar will cover topics such as:
  • Focus Groups and Surveys: New Takes on Tried-and-True Methodologies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research Methods
  • B2B Social Listening
  • Qualitative Data Capture Using Video
  • The Latest Techniques for Capturing Richer B2B Customer Experience Feedback
  • Digital Ethnographies