Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to post our ads for employment without revealing our office.

We make it possible for you to post anonymously as we understand the importance of being able to do so. When you go through the process of posting a job, you will see a box that you can check that says "Make Job Posting Confidential?" By selecting to post a job confidentially, all identifying contact information will be removed from the posting, except for your city, state and zip code.

I wanted to advise that our position has been filled. How can I deactivate the posting to stop additional applications from coming through?

You can go to "My Posting History" and then "Edit" and you will see where you can mark it "Filled". Be sure and click "Save changes" and that will take your posting down.

Is there an additional charge once I have found an employee?

No, there are no additional fees once you have posted your job and/or subscribed to a resume database. We will let you know when your service is about to expire; at that point, it is 100% up to you to renew your posting or subscription.

How long does my job posting/resume search last and what happens when it expires?

Our services are good for 30 days. Near of the end of the 30 days, we will let you know that your service is about to expire. At that point, you can decide whether or not to renew your posting or subscription.

What is the difference between a job posting and a resume subscription?

A job posting is placed on our site, emailed, and sent via Facebook, Twitter, or push notification through our app to all job seekers in that position who are registered with us. As each job seeker applies, you are notified via email and at that time, you can review the resume through your DentalPost account and decide whether you would like to pursue that individual or not. A resume database subscription is where you purchase access to our resumes and can go through them, reaching out to candidates you find interesting. Please keep in mind that the resume search is not our entire audience as our job seekers have the choice of having their resume marked public or private. For job seekers who choose public, you will be able to see their resume.

What does the badge beside a job seeker’s name mean?

It means that the job seeker has paid to be a job seeker premium account holder. The benefits that come with that are: - The badge gets their resume noticed faster - Their resume gets moved to the top of the list - They get to see who has viewed their profile (by zip code only) - They are able to receive feedback regarding their resume - They get 10% off of our resume service

I have a new phone number or email address, please change it for me.

For security purposes, you are not able to do this through our app. We ask that you log in to your DentalPost account through our website and go to “Practice Profile” or “Account” on the side menu to update your information.

I subscribed to a resume database. How is the order of resumes determined?

The candidates in the resume list are in order by how frequently they visit our website. The most frequent visitors are always at the top of the list. Also, we offer our job seekers premium accounts, which would allow them to keep their resumes at the top of the list.