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Dental Front Office/Manager Job in Decatur, GA 30033
(Job ID: 340404)



Decatur, GA 30033



Jul 12, 2021




Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur


#340404 ACTIVE


Patient Care Coordinator A creative people-focused career role, 4 days / week, most days ending at 3PM! Question: Why do the staff members of Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta believe they have the most incredible and rewarding jobs? Answer: They transform patient frowns; they literally turn frowns upside down! We are a team of talented dental professionals working under the remarkable leadership of Dr. Brett Langston, a dental specialist in the field of “Prosthodontics” and our talented Associate, Dr. Rachel Miro. The science and art of prosthodontic dentistry Prosthodontics is a small and distinctly specialized field within dentistry dedicated to restoring healthy dental function. As lifespan grows, it is common for older patients to incur extreme wear and tear on their teeth and lose their ability to eat comfortably. When we make it into our golden years, we certainly want to enjoy our meals, right? Engineering to rebuild the chewing function is a matter of complex design that requires excellent communication with the patient and other healthcare providers. Our scope of care also includes “extreme makeovers” cosmetic dentistry, botox, and amazing results with kybella therapies. Many of our most rewarding new patients are those who cannot eat comfortably due to poorly fitting dentures. Being part of a team that provides highly technical and specialized “teeth in a day” services is one of our greatest rewards as we share the first moment when a patient who hid their smile for years, dares to smile again…and, keeps smiling! What is the role of the Patient Care Coordinator? Our Patient Care Coordinator is a key role that impacts each patient’s experience. In fact, the influence of the PCC position is huge as their communication with patients is the grand opening and the finale of each appointment. Our reputation for “5 star concierge” service requires the total focus and commitment to work excellence to be successful in this multi-layered and multi-tasking role. The role includes: 1. Patient notes and registration: Accurate data entry while you maintain and update records knowing that accurately “connecting the dots” leads to seamless flow of information and that extensive notes regarding conversations and statuses of treatment are essential to keep key staff members informed of important events. 2. Hospitality: With conscious intention, greet each patient and authentically inquire about the course of their day, seek ways to deliver a positive, unexpected moment to set the tone of their visit as they prepare to be seen by our highly competent clinical team. 3. System management: A diverse position perfectly matched to a productive “people person”, the PCC rhythmically and efficiently prioritizes tasks which include coordinating the schedule, posting payments, answering the phone, addressing questions, remitting insurance, assisting in billing, checking websites for correspondences, and answering emails. Specific job descriptions tasks include: Check in and check out, answering the phone, registering patients and updating information, scheduling appointments with the doctors and hygienists, posting payments, mystery solving when insurance pays differently than anticipated, answering questions about bills, greeting patients with the grace of a cruise director, thanking patients who refer, confidently asking for payment and knowing we stand behind our value, and cross-training into other admin roles. Does your education, background, and experience match? We are seeking candidates whose professional experiences and education has prepared them to adopt our “5 star” service attitude and communication style with patients. Our ideal candidate will have knowledge of dental terminology and processes. However, candidates who are accomplished in non-dental careers whose work has required parallel skills will be considered. Additionally, we are seeking: 1. Laser accurate writing and speaking skills for face-to-face and email/text communications. 2. Professional presentation. 3. Ability to work Monday – Thursday with an early bird start at 6:30 AM, typically ending at 3PM (Tuesdays at 4PM). 4. Excellent phone voice, listening skills, empathy, and strong desire to make a difference for others. 5. Confidence tempered with gracefulness that allows you to ask for sizeable payment due…comfortably. 6. Desire to join a team of close-knit co-workers who value positivity and teamwork. Compensation: Excellent hourly rate, great dental benefits, professional attire, earned PTO, (and, may we add: Fabulous co-workers and 5-star work culture). Application Instructions: If you are interested in this position, directly email your resume and custom cover letter to our staffing consultant, Carol Paige. Do not send a dental post application as we want to first review how well you produce your resume and cover letter on a doc, docx, or pdf document. The email address to forward your resume and cover letter is: . What can you expect next? Check your inbox for our response. We will first respond to qualifying candidates with “next step” application instructions via email. Check your SPAM and JUNK folders! Security settings are wonderful, …. until they misdirect an email. To maintain our focus on patient care, please do not contact our office directly. We look forward to reviewing your qualifications and learning how this position fits your career goals!