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Dental Hygienist Job in Duncanville, TX 75137
(Job ID: 347466)



Duncanville, TX 75137



Sep 01, 2021




Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur


#347466 ACTIVE


We are looking for a Hygienist to schedule for a part time position open to full Time (if desired). Dallas and Duncanville Locations available Dental Hygienist Job Description Job Description: Dental Hygienist Reports To: Associate Dentist Responsibilities ¬All hygienists are responsible for the development and maintenance of all patient hygiene concerns. The hygienist provides a comprehensive oral care regimen tailored to the patient needs. ¬ Adhere to ADHA Code of Ethics Duties of the Position: * Follow guidelines set forth in the Operational Manual (OM) *Appropriately dressed in Dental DeLite attire *Scrubs with Dental DeLite logo (Provided) *Appropriately pressed *Timely *Efficient *Effectively collaborate with other dental personnel *Screening patients along with DDS during initial appointment to determine *dental hygiene needs of patient *Review radiographs *PSR scoring *Utilize the Dental Hygiene Process of Care as set by the ADHA *Assessment *Review pt’s medical and dental history *Review extra- and intra- oral assessment *Determine risk for certain diseases *Screen for Oral cancers *Dental caries *Periodontal disease *Dental Hygiene Diagnosis (DHDx) *By definition: The identification of an existing or potential oral health problem that a dental hygienist is educationally and licensed to treat. ? Planning • Coordinating the DHDx with that of the managing DDS to formulate a single comprehensive plan to meet the individual needs of each patient. • Collaborate with DDS to determine need for referral ? Implementation • Effectively perform the proposed treatment • Include proper dental education and recommendations to assist the patient • Determine proper recall given the patients individual needs ? Evaluation • Utilize measurable criteria to evaluate outcomes of dental hygiene care • Determine need for additional treatment and/or referral based on outcomes and self-behaviors. ? Documentation • Records all components of the dental hygiene process • Document all interactions with patient (telephone, prescriptions) • Recognize legal and ethical responsibilities of record keeping • Comply with HIPAA and protects patient confidentiality ¬ Maintain proper recall of circulating patients within the practice ? Refer to OM ? Clinical Treatments Rendered ¬ IO/EO examination and oral cancer screenings ? Refer all pathology and/or abnormal findings to managing DDS ¬ Prophylaxis ¬ Full mouth debridement ¬ Periodontal maintenance ¬ Scaling and root planing ? Assess need for periodontal referral ¬ Delivery of local antimicrobial medicaments ? Chlorhexidine ? Arestin or PerioChip ¬ Fluoride treatment ¬ Sealant placement ¬ Tobacco cessation/nutritional counseling ¬ Monitoring of Nitrous Oxide (if certified) ? Position Requirements ¬ Current license by the board practicing state ¬ CPR current ¬ Good standing with federal, state and local credentials ¬ A certificate /degree in dental hygiene from an accredited university in the US ¬ Competent with CE requirement credits ¬ Effectively and efficiently deals with people who may be in pain or apprehensive ? Authority Boundaries ¬ Reports directly to attending or managing doctor