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Dentist Job in Fort Worth, TX 76115 National
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Fort Worth, TX 76115



Jul 24, 2022




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How is 7 Day Dental different? Our new grads take home an average of $230k their first year. Our experienced doctors take home over $400k. Our doctors work five days a week and can work with their respective offices to arrange their own work schedule. Are you allowed to make your own work schedule? Our doctors can leave anytime since we have no contracts, yet most have been with us for years. Come meet our doctors and let them tell you what it’s like to work with 7 Day Dental. 1. The single question every new associate wants to know is, “What’s the percentage?” However, what does that really mean? On face value, it’s meaningless. Let me explain. Your final take home = Percentage x (Factors controlled by practice + Factors controlled by you the associate) = %x (collection rate + age range of patient pool + insurance which practice take + your own skill, speed) Also, 100% of 0 = $0. So, if the practice accepts DMO or you’re not capable or not willing to produce, or you’re not assigned any production, or there are a lot of unseen deductions, you could have a phenomenally high “percentage” and still end up taking home very little. 2. How do you know what percentage to negotiate? How should you go about finding a job that will pay you well according to your skill level? You need to compare apples with apples. There is no reason to look at the pay stubs of a doctor who has been practicing dentistry for 30 years and is able to do implants and braces when you are just starting out. You do not have the same skill level. a). To begin, know the average associate pay for your state. Keep in mind, when you go to the various sources, you are provided the state average for all dentists from the newest to those with decades of experience and from associates to multi practice owners. b). Go online and find a job posting that has a pay range that’s at least similar to the state average or above. c). Next, ask to look at the pay records of doctors who are most similar to your situation to see how much they get paid. If a practice showed you the W2 of someone who took home 400k last year then you have to ask that associate if possible how he/she made it happen. Implants and braces or just GP procedures? Are you a new grad or a practitioner with experience? Does this doctor offer braces or implants which you can do also or just GP? You want to compare apples with apples. If you are still interested after you look at the pay of someone close to your experience level and capabilities then proceed to the next step. d). Ask to speak to doctors from the practice who are similar in skill level or experience. An open and honest practice would allow associate candidates to speak to doctors who have similar skills and speed. Ask them how they feel about their job, what they like and dislike, how transparent they feel the office is about production distribution, deductions, and collections. Their experience will most likely be a prediction of your own if you choose to work there. e). Then ask to be reimbursed at the same percentage.

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