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Pediatric Dental Hygienist Job in Atlanta, GA 30309
(Job ID: 382819)



Atlanta, GA 30309



Aug 04, 2022




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Dental Hygienist Position Description Job Title: Dental Hygienist Reports to: Doctor(s) Supervised by: Practice Manager Status: Non-Exempt Evaluation: Annual Review PURPOSE The Dental Hygienist’s primary responsibility is to provide excellent dental hygiene, dental treatment, and patient education in accordance with guidelines approved, issued, and regulated by the state as well as by the Company. As a Dental Hygienist, you will provide input, advice, and support to the Practice Manager and Doctor(s) about a range of clinical and didactic issues required to achieve improved patient experience and more efficient utilization of dental services and care. The Dental Hygienist will supervise Treatment Coordinators, Hygiene Assistants, and Dental Assistants in delivering professional care. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES The Dental Hygienist must demonstrate confidence and professionalism by showing a sincere interest in the hygiene team and inspiring others. He or she is expected to supervise and mentor the hygiene team by identifying the strengths and weakness and coaching them to help better develop the team. The Dental Hygienist will invest his or her time and attention into the hygiene team and office at all times. One must be able to communicate and deliver non-basis or judgmental guidance and instruction. The Dental Hygienist will help continue to train each hygiene team member and create a productive work environment for all employees on a daily basis. The Dental Hygienist should be able to successfully manage others by delegating duties and tasks when needed to achieve direction and organize the flow in the clinical area. The Dental Hygienist must have the ability to exercise a high degree of independent decision making with sound judgment and with little supervision. The Dental hygienist is expected to work closely with the Practice Manager and Doctor(s) to collaborate together for the success of the office. The Dental Hygienist will maintain upkeep of dental rooms, storage, inventory, materials, and product maintenance. If asked upon, the Dental Hygienist will work with the Practice Manager and the Company’s Supply representative to formulate a plan and budget to manage and order the office supplies as needed. General duties include: oral prophylaxis, preliminary periodontal examinations involving diagnostic tests and x-rays, oral health education, preparation of treatment plans for plaque control, identification of problematic areas for the Doctor to further evaluate and diagnose, application of topical fluoride to the teeth. The Dental Hygienist shall practice under the general direction of a Doctor and provide clinical and educational services that meet all the needs of all patients. Each Dental Hygienist will use his or her own judgment to examine patients to determine the suitability of each prophylaxis and ensuing precautionary measures when necessary. The result of each Dental Hygienist’s work is to be evaluated by the Doctor at the time of the patient’s oral exam. Dental Hygienists are required to perform direct patient care on a day-to-day basis that can often involve significant patience and discretion in order to obtain the proper cooperation from each patient. Many children are in need of tender, loving, care and may involve some sort of tell-show-do prior to any treatment or prophylaxis. Dental Hygienists must use creativity and imagination to encourage anxious or timid patients. Adapting to each individual and providing excellent chairside manner is a must. • Patient preparation: review the chart and patient’s medical history prior to prophylaxis, identify insurance benefits, interact with the parent or guardian, discuss all procedures with the parent or guardian and assist the patient to and from the clinical area. • Patient examination: take periapical, bitewing, and panoramic x-rays as needed, determine preliminary selection for patients in need of periodontal screenings, examine mouth, throat, and pharynx, detecting and reporting oral conditions, considering and reporting plaque buildup, observing and reporting indicators of physical or mental distress, and comforting and encouraging hesitant or frightened patients • Patient treatment: Aid the Doctor in recommending the need and frequency of future appointments, review the patient’s medical and dental history with the Doctor, make a plan and explanation to be shared with the parent or guardian for proper diet as well as plaque control, respond to patient or parent questions regarding oral care. • Preventative services: identify and remove plaque, using hand devices and ultrasonic devices to remove supra gingival and sub-gingival calculus, using floss to clean interproximal areas of the teeth, polish coronal surfaces of the teeth, apply topical fluoride to the teeth, and perform the same oral prophylaxis procedures for children with special needs. • Evaluate existing sealants and application of sealants as directed by Doctor. • Dental health education: may be provided to either the patient or the parent depending on the patient’s age and maturity level, educate patients on the proper way to brush and floss, instruct patients on the proper care of appliances or braces, educate patients on periodontal care, provide dental related information on diet and nutrition, describe the nature of cavities and periodontal disease to patient, and monitor past oral hygiene as a tool to motivate patients. • Appliance maintenance: identify the need for adjustment or removal, this may include the actual removal or adjustment, recognize the need to seat an appliance and place an appliance while the patient is in the hygiene chair. • Medical and dental recordkeeping: review and document a patient’s or parent’s primary concern, past dental and medical history, family history of illness, current medications and allergies, ensure proper structure of chart and associated documents; document oral health and findings of periodontal examination, oral progress and therapy as well as visit and behavior notes, and recording proper scheduling code for return visits. • Miscellaneous duties: break down and set up chairs, monitor and control the general flow of the hygiene department to create an efficient clinical area, treatment plan with the Doctor after the prophylaxis, escort the patient from the clinical area, discuss findings and recommendation for treatment with parent or guardian, discuss behavior with parent or guardian when needed, sharpen and sterilize equipment, monitor and maintain the proper condition of instruments, ensure the proper ordering and storage of dental equipment and supplies needed to properly operate the hygiene department on a day-to-day basis. A team of Dental Hygienist, Hygiene Assistants, and Treatment Coordinators may share the Dental Hygienist’s duties. In the case that each assistant is unavailable, then each hygienist is required to perform all of his or her own job requirements. OTHER DUTIES Maintain patient confidentiality through HIPAA compliance. Understand how to work effectively within the organization – partner with the Practice Manager, Doctor(s), other team members and support staff to maintain consistency and integrity within the organization. The hygienist will work with the Practice Manger by making them aware of employee behavior or performance issues they observe in the clinical area. Attend Continuing Education classes to maintain current license. Lead by example, teaching ethics, enthusiasm, and respect and treats others like you want to be treated. EXPECTED RESULTS AND MEASURES The Dental Hygienist is expected to conduct himself or herself with a high degree of professionalism in all work assignments and related duties. The Doctor(s) and or Practice Manager will evaluate the Dental Hygienist’s performance on a daily basis and a formal review will be conducted once a year. The individual will be held responsible for his or her performance as a Dental Hygienist pursuant to the duties outlined in this job description and in the performance of other duties that may be assigned over each period of evaluation. Each Dental Hygienist will be evaluated on his or her attitude, ethics, customer service, administrative duties and procedures and teamwork. Additionally, the employee will be required to follow the rules and regulations as set forth by the Company Employee Handbook and other company publications. SPECIFICATIONS This section specifies all the requirements for this position. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE Registered Dental Hygiene License – maintain an active license. SPECIFIC SKILLS Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills – must be able to establish and maintain positive working relationships. Communication– must be able to communicate verbally and in writing to patients and all levels of staff and management. The Dental Hygienist must be able to project a capable and professional image – one that is reflective of Company values and inspires others. Must possess excellent organizational skills- be able to multi-task and perform job duties in a timely manner. Must have radiograph and CPR certifications, and be certified to monitor local anesthesia. Must have computer skills and successfully use the dental software. INDEPENDENT ACTION The Dental hygienist must have the ability to exercise a high degree of independent decision making with sound judgment and minimal supervision. CONTACT WITH OTHERS Must be able to work well with the Practice Manager, Assistant Practice Manager, Doctors, staff, patients, parents or legal guardians, colleagues, other Company representatives, and vendors. ADDITIONAL DUTIES Additional duties to be assigned as necessary to achieve the Company’s standards and goals as efficiently as possible. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This job description is subject to review and or modification at any time based on the needs of the company.

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