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Dental Assistant Job in San Antonio, TX 78232
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San Antonio, TX 78232



May 25, 2023




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Dental Assistant- Prosthodontist Assistant About Us: ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers are a national network of dental implant centers founded in 2005 to provide innovative dental implant care to patients across the United States. ClearChoice has experienced strong growth over the years and today is a leader in the United States in providing dental implant treatments. Driven by a collective desire to improve the lives of prospective patients, ClearChoice helps people reclaim their health, smile and confidence. Beyond restoring teeth, this is about people getting their lives back. This mission-focused work has enabled the Clearchoice network to achieve four straight years of double-digit growth, yet we’ve only reached a small portion of the population who could benefit from ClearChoice services. ClearChoice Management Services, LLC (CCMS) provides administrative practice management services to the ClearChoice network. We are searching for individuals who can help us continue pursuing our goal of reaching prospective patients and helping to transform their lives. When you join ClearChoice, you are joining a team of individuals with passion, conviction, and integrity whose mission is to be the Platform of Hope for those in need of our services. Come help us write the next chapter of our story! Position Summary: We are seeking a Dental Assistant - Prosth. The Prosthodontist Dental Assistant works under a dentist’s supervision to prepare equipment that will be used in dentistry procedures, to ready patients for these procedures, and to help the dentist during these procedures by passing instruments, holding the suction catheter in place, and generally anticipating the dentist’s needs. Some Other responsibilities may include sophisticated functions such as removing sutures, processing x-rays and taking the oral impressions that are used to fit crowns. Responsibilities: Work under the direct supervision of the Prosthodontist Perform a variety of patient care, office, and laboratory duties, including but not limited to providing chair-side assistance while dentists examine and treat patients. Ensure patients are as comfortable as possible in the dental chair, prepare them for treatment, and obtain their dental records. Hand instruments and materials to dentists and keep patients’ mouths dry and clear by using suction or other devices. Sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment, prepare trays of instruments for dental procedures, and instruct patients on postoperative and general oral health care. Prepare materials for impressions and restorations, take dental x rays, and process x-ray film as directed by a dentist. Handle other radiological equipment and assist patients with these procedures as directed by a dentist Perform office duties as needed including: scheduling and confirming appointments, receiving patients, keeping treatment records, sending bills, receiving payments, and ordering dental supplies and materials. Assist in specialty areas such as oral surgery, periodontics (treatment of gum disease) and prosthodontics (replacement of missing teeth) including dental implantology Support and assist the hygienist as needed, including but not limited to cleaning trays, room setups and cleanups. Help track the inventory of the prosthetic supplies and keep the storage closet organized. Support the radiographic needs of the Patient Education Consultants, Oral Surgeon, andamp; Hygienists. Working Conditions: Dental assistants work in a well-lighted, clean environment. Work area is usually near the dental chair to allow for arranging instruments, materials, and medication and handing them to the dentist when needed. Dental assistants must wear gloves, masks, eyewear, and protective clothing to protect themselves and their patients from infectious diseases. Follow safety procedures to minimize the risks associated with the use of x-ray machines. Experience: Certified as a Dental Assistant by the A.D.A. Two years of Dental Assistant experience Dental implant experience, desired Must be reliable, work well with others in a fast paced environment, and have good manual dexterity. Must have current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation Physical Requirements: Regularly required to work in an office environment at both his/her own and others’ desks/offices Required daily to walk the floor, sometimes for extended periods and be able to help wherever needed Able to regularly lift and/or move up to 50 pounds Able to stand for extended periods of time Able to keep hand and arm steady while moving arm or while holding arm and hand in one position Able to make precisely coordinated movements of the fingers of one or both hands to grasp, manipulate or assemble very small objects Able to quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls of a machine to exact positions Able to bend, stretch, twist and/or reach with your body, arms and/or legs Must possess good multi-limb coordination – i.e. the ability to coordinate two or more limbs while sitting or standing Must possess good trunk strength – i.e. the ability to use abdominal or lower back muscles to support part of the body continuously or repeatedly over time without “giving out” or fatiguing Able to shift back and forth between two or more activities or sources of information Good manual dexterity required to enable safe, skillful use of instruments while working in the mouth Compensation and Benefits: Compensation DOE In addition to your base compensation, depending on position, you may be eligible for a quarterly or annual bonus (potential bonuses are merit based). Medical Insurance Coverage, Dental Insurance Coverage, Vision Insurance Coverage, Retirement Plan (401K) options are provided as an additional benefit of employment with ClearChoice.

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