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Are you using the right tools to find the best hires for your dental team? The future of hiring is here. DentalPost provides helpful features, data proven assessments, and tools that will make your hiring process efficient and successful.

FREE Assessments for All DentalPost Users

  • DISC Personality Assessment
  • EI Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Core Values Assessment
  • Job Satisfaction Quiz
  • Alignment Questionnaire
  • Workplace Culture Assessment
  • Skills Assessment

Hire With Confidence

DentalPost has partnered with a background check provider, Sentinel Background Checks

  • Provides the highest degree of competent, accurate and professional background screening solutions
  • Custom tailored to companies of all sizes
  • Make an informed decision

Meet Your Match

  • Filter for picture availability, location / distance, assessments to make a better choice, keyword, perm or temp availability, and days of the week available
  • Over 850,000 resumes are available to browse through
  • Send a message to people whose profiles you like, and invite them to apply

We’re Here For You

  • Free Classifieds for dental related postings
  • Salary Survey
  • Live and local customer service
  • Live technical support by phone or email

Find the Right Fit, Faster

  • Rank applicants and profiles you like with a thumbs up or thumbs down, which helps you track and search by them later
  • Write notes on profiles for future reference
  • Give resume feedback, both positive and negative to help the applicants make it better
  • Sort resumes by consideration

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