DentalPoints Program Terms & Conditions

Program Membership Guide & Program Rules

Update: Effective August 31, 2023, DentalPost is concluding the DentalPost Employer Rewards Program. Existing DentalPost Employer Accounts will remain eligible to earn points on job postings and resume searches through March 31, 2023, and accrued DentalPost Employer Rewards points can be redeemed through August 31, 2023.

Program Changes and Termination

DentalPost reserves the right to change program rules, benefits, regulations, requirements and levels, fees, award prices, conditions, and special offers at any time without notice. This means that DentalPost may initiate changes, for instance, to rules for earning DentalPost DentalPoints. DentalPost reserves the right to terminate the DentalPost DentalPoints program with six-months’ notice.

All benefits that DentalPost offers in the DentalPoints Program are conditioned upon your compliance with this Membership Guide and Program Rules, the terms and conditions described elsewhere throughout and all other applicable DentalPost rules and regulations. These rules are subject to change at any time. Unless otherwise stated, the current rules in effect at the time of your transaction will govern that transaction. DentalPost has the sole right to interpret and apply this Membership Guide and Program Rules. Please check back frequently for program updates or rule changes.

Account Deletion & Points Expiration

Under the DentalPost DentalPoint’s expiration policy, points do not expire. DentalPost reserves the right to deactivate or close an account under the following circumstances:

  • Fraudulent activity occurs.
  • An office requests an account closure.
  • An office is closed or sold.
  • An office does not respond to repeated communication attempts regarding the status of the account.
  • An office violates the terms of this DentalPost DentalPoints program.


DentalPost reserves the right to audit Members’ accounts at any time and without notice to ensure compliance with the DentalPost Membership Guide.

In the event the audit reveals discrepancies or violations, DentalPost may delay the processing of DentalPost DentalPoints, or other redemptions, cancel any outstanding postings or resume searches and withhold until the discrepancies or violations are resolved.

Conditions of Enrollment

Offices must provide their office name to participate in the DentalPost DentalPoints program. Members will be assigned an individual membership number upon enrollment. This could be the customer number we have on file.

Membership numbers are non-transferable.

Members may not maintain more than one DentalPost account.

Any DentalPost corporate customer that buys in bulk or receives an enterprise discount is not eligible for the DentalPost DentalPoints. In the event more than one account number is assigned to the same doctor or office, the duplicate account will be cancelled, and only the applicable DentalPoints can be transferred to the remaining account.

DentalPost Password

With your DentalPost account and password you have access to your DentalPoints information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you would like to change your password, go to If you cannot remember your password, an email with a secure link to change your password will be sent to you.

You are responsible for the selection and use of your password and for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You may not divulge your password to anyone. If you do, you are solely responsible for any actions that person takes with your password, including, without limitation any transactions in your account, any violations of the DentalPoints Guide and Program Rules, and any further disclosure of your password. DentalPost shall have no liability for losses resulting from unauthorized access to, or use of, your password.

Governing Law

The rights and obligations created by the DentalPost DentalPoints program will be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.

Name and Address Changes

Name and address change requests cannot be processed over the phone. A copy of supporting legal documentation (sale of office etc.) must be submitted by mail or email.

Privacy Statement

We are always conscious and respectful of your personal privacy. You may find our privacy policy at this link (

Termination for Violations

DentalPost reserves the right to terminate your membership in the DentalPoints Program program at any time if you violate the DentalPoints Membership Guide and Program Rules. Termination of your membership will result in a loss of all accumulated DentalPoints in your account.

Members whose accounts have been terminated for any reason may not reopen new accounts.

Earning DentalPoints

General Rules for DentalPoints

DentalPoints earned while you are a Member will be credited to your account within 1 week after qualifying activity occurs. Partner offers are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual offer.

DentalPoints and Accrual

DentalPoints Members earn nine points per dollar based on the retail price of the purchased product. Silver Members earn one additional point per dollar (for a total of ten), Gold Members earn an additional two points per dollar (for a total of eleven) and Diamond Members earn three additional points per dollar (for a total of twelve).

Rollover Points

Rollover benefit means DentalPoints earned above a Member’s earned Status tier will roll over and count toward the next year’s Status Qualification. Members who do not achieve any Tier of earned Status through the published requirements are ineligible for rollover DentalPoints.

Rollover DentalPoints will post to your DentalPoints account by the end of January each year.

Account Discrepancies

You are responsible for verifying DentalPoints activity are credited to your account. All account discrepancies must be reported in writing within nine months of date of activity.

Using DentalPoints

DentalPoints Members can redeem points for DentalPost products. Points will automatically be deducted from your account when completing your redemption transactions.