Dental Student Rewards

Join DentalPost’s “Chipper” Program and earn rewards just for registering!


Need Some Fuel to Get You To & Through Boards?
Register with DentalPost for free and receive a free coffee Starbucks card compliments of Chipper!

STEP 1: Create a FREE account at
STEP 2: Complete your profile to at least 70%.
STEP 3: Click Get Started to register with the program.

Receive a $5 Starbucks gift card upon completion.

Student Organizations & Chapters

Start a “Chipper Fund” Today!

Help prepare your fellow classmates for their job hunt by registering themselves with DentalPost, the nation’s largest dental industry job board. Your members can earn $5 when they register. Get 100% of your graduating class to register, and your organization gets an extra bonus!



Spread the Word

Tell your graduating classmates and fellow future hygienists, dental assistants and dental professionals asking them to register with DentalPost. It’s free to register.


Get the Credit

We will provide you with a special campus code so your chapter gets credit.


70% or Bust

Make sure your registrants complete their DentalPost profile to at least 70%.


Earn Bonus Bucks!

If 100% of your graduating class registers, your organization gets an extra $$ bonus.


Let Us Know

Email us at to let us know when 100% of your class has registered.