Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I can’t remember my password. How can I reset it?

If you can’t remember your password, you can go to, click on “Get Started,” and you will see the “Forgot Password?” link under the Login section. You will receive an email link to reset your password. Check your spam/junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox.

I have a new phone number or email address. How can I change that on my account?

Our website asks that you log in to your DentalPost account and go to “Settings.” That is where you can easily change your email. To change your phone number, please go to your resume profile and click “Edit.” On our mobile app, go to “Alerts and Notifications.” You will see where you can change your email. To change your phone number, please click on your name and then “Basic Resume Info,” and you will see where you can change it.

I’m having trouble logging into the mobile app. Can you help me?

You might have an old version of our DP app. Please visit the app store for the latest update.

How can I post a job with my existing job seeker account?

To post a job, you will have to visit and create an account as an employer. It is perfectly fine to use the same email as your job seeker account, but be sure to create a different password so that the system can differentiate one account from the other.


Are you a direct employer or a staffing agency?

No, we are a job board with career enhancement features such as personality tests (and more) and not a direct employer. If you haven’t already, please register with us as a job seeker.  Then log in to search and apply for a job. Before you start applying, review your DentalPost resume profile, and consider taking a series of career enhancement assessments to increase your chances of landing that perfect job.

Why can I not see the name or location of the dental office on a posting?

We give our employers the option of remaining anonymous. We also have no way of providing that information to you.

How do I close my account?

Did you know you can mark your resume private, turn off your email alerts, and still be part of the DentalPost community? Marking your resume private will allow you to keep your information stored in our system, and you can still view upcoming events and CEs on the website.

What are the benefits of temping?

Temping allows you to take full control of your schedule and work experience. You decide the days and hours you work, compensation, preferred offices, and more. It is incredibly flexible and ideal for a variety of different lifestyles. We have plenty of Temp related blogs that can help you decide if temping is right for you.

How do I become a temp on DentalPost?

Simply set up your temp schedule on your resume profile by choosing the days you are available to work, and you will show up to potential employers. To be proactive in your search, go to “Search Jobs” and then select “Temp” as the type of job you are looking for. Then, apply for temp jobs as you would for a permanent position.

Do you have any information on dental careers, including their trajectory, salaries, responsibilities, and schools?

Yes! Please visit our new Dental Career Guide. It gives an in-depth look at each dental career, including the differences that vary from state to state.

Can I retract or change my application?

Once your application has been sent, you may not be able to retract it. However, if you update anything on your profile or application, the employer will see the new version if they open it again.

Where can I upload my existing resume?

At this time, we do not support attaching or uploading resumes. Currently, we have the resume profile section of your DentalPost account, which is designed to hold and store all of your resume information. This is sent automatically to the potential employer whenever you apply for a job. Before you start applying, review your DentalPost resume profile, and consider taking a series of career enhancement assessments to increase your chances of landing that perfect job.

Do you have any resume and/or interview tips to help me land a great job?

Yes! We have a lot of resume-related blogs, as well as YouTube videos, that can help you.


Are there any additional charges once I have found an employee or other “hidden fees”?

No, there are no additional fees once you have posted your job. There are absolutely NO “hidden fees.” We will let you know when your service is about to expire; at that point, it is 100% up to you to renew your posting or subscription.

I received a lot of great resumes. How do I know the best candidate to fill the position?

We have a Hiring Toolkit that empowers you in your candidate selection process. Purchasing a premium resume search or job posting also allows you to see the results of candidates’ assessments, which reveals new information about a candidate to help you make a confident decision.

I want to post our ads for employment without revealing our office.

We make it possible for you to post anonymously as we understand the importance of being able to do so. When you post a job, you will see a box that you can check that says, “Make Job Posting Confidential?” By selecting to post a job confidentially, all identifying contact information will be removed from the posting, except for your city, state, and zip code.

I wanted to advise you that our position has been filled. How can I deactivate the posting to stop additional applications from coming through?

You can go to “Job Postings,” then “View,” and finally “Edit,” where you can mark it as “Filled.” Click “Save changes,” which will remove your posting.

How long does my job posting last, and what happens when it expires?

Our services are good for 30 days. Near the end of the 30 days, we will inform you that your service will expire. At that point, you can decide whether or not to renew your posting or subscription.

What is the difference between a job post and a premium job slot subscription?

A job posting is placed on our site, emailed, and sent via push notification through our app to all job seekers in that position who are registered with us. As each job seeker applies, you are notified via email, and you can review your resume through your DentalPost account and decide whether you would like to pursue that individual position. A premium job slot subscription includes all the benefits of a job posting plus premium benefits that include more candidate data. It also lets you post a new position when the previous one has been filled. It is more economically friendly, as it includes invites to send to job seekers in our database to apply for your job. Please remember that our database only includes job seekers who choose to have their resume marked public vs private.

I hired someone before the 30 days were up. Can I get a refund for the remainder of the time left?

We’re glad to see that you have successfully found your new employee! However, we do not offer refunds. We believe the costs are very reasonable and will help us market and grow the site.

Can I change the position on my job posting?

For technical reasons, we cannot change the position once your job is posted. You will have to post another job. Contact us within 48 hours of posting if this was done in error. For premium job slot subscriptions, you can post a new position once you end your current job post.

What is included in the job posting fee, and what are the benefits that premium provides?

Your posting stays on our site for 30 days and is emailed to all our job seekers in your area. The job seeker will see the job, and if they are interested, they apply through our system. In turn, you receive an application alert email and then review their resume and contact them if you are interested. You can write notes on applicants’ profile resumes and provide feedback, as well as schedule interviews where both you and the candidate will receive an email interview reminder.

The difference is that with the premium option, you can see their profile pictures and review the results of our series of career coaching tests in addition to the candidate’s resume profile. We offer a personality test, emotional intelligence assessment, core values assessment, skills assessment, and workplace culture assessment. These test results provide data for you to make a better hiring decision.

Do you offer a discount for bulk postings?

Yes, we do sell our job postings in bulk, and they start at a minimum of 10 and come with a 5% discount, which increases in increments. The great thing about bulk postings is that we bank your account with job posting credits for you to use at any time, for any location, and for any position. Contact us if interested, and we will provide a detailed quote.