3 Dental Hygienist Skills in High Demand This Year

Some dental hygienist skills—like dexterity and timeliness—will always be valued when working at a dental practice. However, the nature of dentistry is ever-changing and in today’s job market, you need to constantly update and sharpen your dental hygienist skills. If you’re looking to make a statement at your next interview, mentioning your ability in these […]

Six Ways to Keep Patients Returning to Your Dental Practice

Patient retention remains critical in building a thriving, successful dental practice. The principle that attracting new clients costs far more than keeping current patients happy holds true in the world of dentistry. In fact, given the phobias many people have of dental work, patient retention in this field becomes even more important.   How can […]

Dental Temping – What You Need to Know and How to Get Started

You may have heard about the dental temping life, but what does it really entail? Where do you start? Becoming a temporary dental hygienist or assistant is a choice a lot of professionals make for a few reasons: the flexibility, the workplace diversity, and the wide variety of experience you can gain. Whether you’re temping […]

Becoming a Periodontist: Here’s What You Need to Know

Seeing a periodontist regularly is essential to maintaining a good bill of health. Doing so may help to avoid a dental emergency, an unfavorable outcome since it’s often unclear whether your insurance company will help in paying for it. Have you considered a career as a dentist? If you have but are searching for an interesting specialization, […]

3 Job Interview Questions That Will “Wow” Your Interviewer

In the past, we’ve covered questions to ask in your dental job interview that will give you more insight into the position or practice and further help your job decision. Interviewers typically expect these kinds of questions, and are prepared to answer them. But what happens when you throw a curveball and ask something they’ve never […]

What does your DISC personality type say about you as a job seeker & employee?

You may have heard about the “DISC” personality test, but it’s more than just a series of fun facts to know about yourself. It’s a detailed assessment that can help you form stronger and more effective people skills and professional relationships. Now that you’ve grasped the importance of your DISC personality type, take the test […]

5 Resume Writing Rules to Break Right Now

The job search has changed in recent years and so have company demand and expectations. In order to be more competitive, candidates should also think of creative ways to present themselves. When the competition is tough, you need to stand out in order to be seen and to prove your worth. One of the first […]

A 7-Step Guide to Writing the Perfect Interview Thank You Message

  One of the best methods to increase your chances of being hired after an interview is sending an interview thank you message. Why is it so important? According to a survey by Careerbuilder, 22% of all hiring executives say they are hesitant to hire a person who hasn’t thanked them. 56% of managers deem a thank […]

The Rise of Women in Dentistry

International Women’s Day gives us a chance to reflect on the advancements and successes of women across all professions and lifestyles, but as the percentage of female dentists in our industry continues to rise (32% as of 2018), it’s especially important to celebrate women’s achievements in the dental industry! While the dental field is (and […]

Why do you love being a dental assistant?

It’s Dental Assistants Recognition Week, so we asked DAs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, “Why do you love being a dental assistant?” and received so many enthusiastic responses! Here’s what you had to say: “I love what I do, giving people confidence again is a wonderful thing. Also calming their fears because I work for […]