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Dental Job Assessments

Find a better fit with data.

The wrong fit costs time and money. Assessments can be the difference between the right hire and the wrong one. The more data available in the job search and hiring process, the better the odds are for a successful match. The deeper we dig into our needs, values, work styles and culture preferences, the better the process and outcomes.

DentalPost is the nation’s leader in providing candidate and employer matching for the dental profession.


Assessments are always FREE to job seekers on DentalPost.

  • Understand yourself better so you can make the right career moves.
  • Enhance your profile and stand out in employer search rankings.
  • Know and grow: become a better dental professional and employee.


View candidate assessments with a Premium Job Posting or Premium Job Slot Subscription.

  • Learn the true nature of a candidate before you hire.
  • Assess your existing team for easier management.
  • Learn who to hire based on your existing team.
  • Enhance your dental practice’s profile by taking your own assessments of your practice culture.

DentalPost Assessments

The DISC assessment details your communication and work style. Understanding the four DISC personality types is key to boosting communication, productivity, and conflict management in the workplace. Using DISC assessments can help ensure we have the right mix on the team.
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Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the new “smart.” Everyone you work with has some level of EI, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team member can have a great impact on the overall success of the team. People with high EI are invaluable in roles that involve frequent interpersonal relationships and leadership, like dentistry.
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Core Values
This assessment will help you develop a clear sense of what is most important to you. Knowing what you value the most makes it easier for both jobseeker and practice owners or hiring managers to make the best choices and decisions to ensure the right culture fit within a practice.

Workplace Culture
Workplace Culture Assessments tell us what types of environment a person will work best in and enjoy most. Understanding Workplace Culture preferences helps you find the right practice environment to fit your needs.

Skills Assessment
The Skills Assessment allows job seekers to rank each of their skills by their level of proficiency. By ranking these skills, your job seeker profile will appear in search results when dental practice hiring managers search for a specific skill in a potential new hire. Completing the skills assessment is another way to help your profile stand out from the crowd.

Alignment Questionnaire
This jobseeker questionnaire helps you express your vision for yourself to potential employers, so that they can better support you in your career.

Job Satisfaction Quiz
Job seekers can take this quiz to see how satisfied they are with their current job.