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puzzlesCultural fit is a buzzword for hiring we often hear. Phrases like, hire beyond skills; make sure your core values align. You’ve heard this song and dance I’m sure. It’s not just a trend though. It is here to stay! According to an article from Forbes and Roundpegg, 89% of hiring failures are due to poor cultural fit. That’s a huge waste of time, effort and money.

Employers are getting better at understanding how to hire for cultural fit. But what about you, as a job seeker? How do you evaluate an employer to see if it’s the best fit for you? How do you prevent yourself from making the wrong career choice? Let me help you here. I have temped in over one hundred dental offices and seen high functioning teams with great culture and smart leaders. I’ve also seen offices where nobody wanted to be there and the leaders didn’t show up for their team. How do you stay away from these offices? My motto is, work somewhere awesome.

We have become a society built around research. We look at Yelp to pick a better place to eat, shop, or do business. Why not understand yourself better before making a decision? What are your core values? What type of environment do you thrive in? What is your communication style? DentalPost has the tools you need to answer these questions. Check out our tests and assessments to gain a better understanding of yourself.

Once you understand yourself better, start researching the company’s core values. Google the company and the doctor. Check out their social media- what are they posting pictures of? What does their work environment look like? Do their employees look happy? In addition to those tips, we’ve designed some questions for you as job seekers, to ask in the interview process that will get you one step closer to finding your dental home.

  1. “Does the leader care?” Who is the leader? Is it the doctor, the office manager, or someone else in the office? Is their highest priority money or patient care? How does the leader support the team? Does the leader encourage the team to attend continuing education classes together? The leader sets the tone for the organization, so you need to understand what you type of environment you could be working in.
  1. What made you want to work here?” This question is great because it puts them on the spot. They likely don’t already have an answer prepared for this one, which means you’ll be getting a genuine response. The reason they give you might include something you hadn’t already learned about the office. Another question along those lines to consider asking is, “What are the three best things about working here?” If they can’t come up with three, that might be an answer all in itself! If it truly is a wonderful place to work, then it will be hard for them to limit their answer to three things. Ask other people in the office as well, you are gathering research, don’t limit yourself!
  1. “Does everyone in the office socialize/hang out outside of the office?” Do they truly enjoy their coworkers or are they just putting on a façade in the office? This is a great test to see if their personalities are compatible. They are likely to hang out outside of work if their personalities mesh. Does the boss interact with the team or remain strictly an authority figure? Do they volunteer together the first Saturday of every month? Do they put together a team for the Breast Cancer Walk every year? All of these questions will help you gain insight into their tribe and how you would fit in.
  1. “What is one piece of advice you would give me upon my first day or working here?” This is where you need to listen carefully when people speak. People will tell you who the are in the first five minutes of meeting them. Pay attention to what words they are using. Are they using mostly positive or negative words? If their response is, “Watch out for the office gossip in the break room!”, that’s a red flag! If their very first piece of advice to you is negative in nature, it’s a huge sign and you can use this information when making a decision. On the other side, if their advice to you is, “We are big here on making the patient feel at ease, always greet them with a smile, even if you are meeting them for the first time.”, that’s a positive statement which fills you in on their core values and patient care priorities.

You gain a tremendous amount by listening. Asking the right questions and really analyzing their responses will allow you to make the right decision when it comes to finding the dental home for you. Be confident. Ask questions! This is a huge decision for you and the only way to get to know the practice is to ask the important questions. Protect yourself against making the wrong choice- this begins by putting your core values at the forefront.

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