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20 Dental Resume Words and Power Phrases to Wow Your Hiring Manager

Posted February 4, 2020

The DentalPost Team

Imagine this situation.

You’ve found the perfect job online. Updated your resume. Checked it for spelling and grammar. Compiled your references. Submitted your application before anyone else.

Everything is coming together nicely, you think.

And then… nothing. No callbacks. No emails.

What happened? It looks like your resume didn’t quite inspire the hiring manager, which can be especially frustrating when you know you have the skills and experience.

The truth is, hiring managers read dozens of applications and resumes every day, and they’re looking for candidates that stand out.

Your resume’s ultimate goal is to tell a compelling story.

Your resume is the hiring manager’s first introduction to who you are and it’s crucial to capture their attention.

Step up your game with more powerful resume words.

The right vocabulary and wording can make a huge difference in convincing the hiring manager you’re the right candidate.

In this blog, you’ll find a few key phrases and resume words that will help tighten up your application. Utilizing a few of these power phrases can take your resume from drab to rad.

There’s one thing to keep in mind: there are no “magic” resume words. Great writing takes time, effort, and plenty of editing. But incorporating stronger vocabulary does matter; it’s the difference between telling a hiring manager you “communicated with a customer” or “brokered a solution with a patient” One simply says what you did, while the other drops your hiring manager right into the action. You ultimately want to paint a picture that is impossible to ignore.

Resume 101: Include the Basics

Before you dive into the words and phrases, confirm that your dental resume includes the following basic sections. The last thing you want to do is have a well-written resume that’s missing key information. 

Every great dental resume generally contains these 4-5 areas:

  • Career Summary
  • Experience/Education
  • Licenses/Certifications
  • Skills
  • Languages

Keep in mind that the sections you should include generally depend upon what job you’re applying for. For example, a “Languages” section might be important for a front-office job, but not as important for a lab technician job. Take that into consideration and cater to the job description accordingly.

Note: for more dental-specific resume help, check out GetHiredRDH.

Triple Check Your Contact Information

As you craft your resume, ensure that your contact information is accurate.

Should Social Media Information Be on Your Resume?

In today’s always-on society, it’s impossible to ignore social media. And, unsurprisingly, hiring managers often turn to social media after viewing a resume. However, unless you’re applying for a job where social media is important to job duties, don’t include it. It can be distracting to the hiring manager.

Action Phrases to Use on Your Dental Resume

Once your resume is properly formatted, it’s time to tell your story. However, before you just find and replace keywords in your resume with some of these, make sure they add value to what you’re trying to say. You want the hiring manager to know you know what you’re doing.

As it has been famously said, “with great power, comes great responsibility,” so use the following phrases wisely.

Powerful Phrases for Common Front Office Duties

  • Effectively negotiated dental insurance claims
  • Fixed insurance problems
  • Fielded patient questions and concerns
  • Helped patients
  • Corresponded with patients
  • Spoke with people in the lobby
  • Mediated team issues
  • Fixed team problems
  • Refined internal processes
  • Made processes better
  • Managed office inventory and supplies
  • Kept office clean
  • Translated services into proper codes
  • Updated dental services for dentists
  • Scheduled and canceled patient appointments
  • Made appointments
  • Developed charting and treatment plans
  • Planned treatments
  • Verified and collected payments from patients
  • Collected money from patients

Powerful Phrases for Dental Hygienist & Dental Assistant Duties

  • Handled dental instruments
  • Used dental tools
  • Provided periodic preventive care
  • Cleaned teeth
  • Managed time effectively
  • Showed up on time
  • Exposed dental radiographs
  • Took x-rays
  • Ensured accuracy of patient charts
  • Made notes on patients
  • Educated patients about proper oral hygiene
  • Gave hygiene tips
  • Sterilized dental instruments  
  • Cleaned instruments
  • Provided care to patients under supervision of dentist
  • Helped the dentist
  • Ordered and managed supplies and inventory
  • Kept supplies filled
  • Took impressions of patients’ teeth
  • Made models of teeth

Go Get the Job!

Writing a great resume takes time and effort. Great hiring managers can usually see through the fluff, so be sure that what you include is backed up in truth. Honesty is always the best policy and you never know what a hiring manager might ask you to clarify on your resume.

Once you feel like your resume is in a great spot, create your job seeker account on and start applying for local jobs in your area!

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