Email at Your Dental Practice: Encryption is Key

Methods for sharing protected health information (PHI) have long been in need of improvement. Even with the maturation of electronic health records, the paths for exchanging and submitting data have not kept up with industry expectations for privacy and convenience. The usual alternatives to email – including patient portals, faxes and traditional postal mail – […]

How You’re Accidentally Killing Your Job Chances

You feel like you’ve done everything right, have everything prepared, and you’re ready to crush the interview. Why did they never reach out? Turns out, there are a few ways you might be hurting your job chances without even knowing it. The first step to increasing your chances of getting a job is identifying things […]

5 Resume Tips You Need To Know

It’s true: hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume. You have 6 seconds to wow them, how can you make it count? Luckily, there are a few resume tips and tricks you can use to stand out from the crowd. Let’s get started! 1. Be consistent with your verb tense. […]

Which State Pays Dental Hygienists & Assistants the Most (& the Least)?

Dental professionals are going places—literally. As the demand for hygienists and assistants increases, more professionals are joining the industry and, as a result, driving up salaries in the United States. However, as expected, not all places pay the same. Due to population density and cost of living factors, the discrepancy in wages can waver considerably. […]

The Traditional Resume Is Dead

Gone are the days that one piece of paper could fully seal the deal for a job opportunity. Don’t get us wrong, a well-written and organized resume is a crucial part of the hiring process, it’s just no longer the only component necessary in presenting yourself as the best choice to a potential employer. Technology […]

12 Tips to Dispel Your Patient’s Fear of Dental Work

Fear of visiting the dentist is so common that it has become something of a trope in films and fiction. Though the cultural reaction to getting dental work is exaggerated in media there are many legitimate reasons why people have such issues. There is a natural nervousness around visiting any kind of health center, but […]

Explaining Dental Insurance to Your Clients

The insurance landscape today is a perpetual spiders’ web. Life, car, home, health, vision and dental insurance are constantly on the minds of everyday people as they try to make sure themselves and their families are adequately protected. In the health market, insurance falls to employers for the large majority and the brokers who extend […]

Here’s What to Know About Dental Jobs in 2019

Last year, we released an updated salary survey for dental hygienists and dental assistants. As dictated in the blog, dentistry is experiencing strong industry growth overall, and many professionals are seeing the impact of that with increased salaries and better benefits. In order to get a better understanding of how our nearly 4,000 respondents compared […]

Job-Seeking Season Checklist

Job season is upon us! The start of a new year inspires job seekers to push forward with their job seeking efforts and inspires hiring managers to reevaluate team roles and responsibilities. This is a perfect storm for the hiring process, but are you prepared? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled your job season checklist with everything […]

How to Build a Career in Dentistry

Like many other fields in the medical industry, the dental industry is growing every year, and there are more demands for qualified candidates than ever before. But there are far more opportunities than just working as a dentist. While they earn far less than a dentist, a dental hygienist can make a pretty good salary […]