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5 Dental Marketing Tactics to Bring New Patients

Posted July 3, 2019


With the increasing competition in the dental industry, it makes it more critical that you have effective marketing. Online marketing is the best way for your clinic to generate more patients if done correctly. The fact is most of your dental customers are online now. The best way to reach out to them is if you are online as well and doing marketing for dental clinics is how you do that.

1.   SEO

One of the most essential marketing tactics your clinic needs to get more clients is SEO. You want your patients to find you and to do that, you need to be in the top 10 results on Google’s first page. You will need a website. It will serve as your portal online, the first place where your patients can find you. Merely having a website is not enough, though.  You need to optimize it with SEO, enhance your site for organic search, and put on some high-quality backlinks. Get backlinks from higher authority dental websites, and you will also get a higher chance to be on Page One of Google. Being on the first page of SERPs is the first step to increasing your profitability.

2.  Google My Business (GMB)

An easy and cost-effective way that you can make your dental clinic more discoverable off and online is Google My Business. With Google Business, it is easier for your clients to find your clinic’s physical location. It’s quite essential, especially for a small business like yours. Having a GMB profile also increases your search visibility on Google and displays useful information about your clinic, including your name, what you do, location, website, phone number, hours of operation, and pictures as well. Even better, it makes it easier for your clients to leave reviews that help build your reputation as a top dental clinic. 

3.  Social Media 

Besides an SEO optimized website and GMB profile, you can also leverage social media to market to your prospects. Many healthcare companies have used social media before, such as Carilion Clinic with its Twitter #YESMAMMcampaign to answer common breast cancer questions. Opening a social media account helps your dental clinic become closer to your clients. At the same time, you can provide them with valuable experience, which is what most patients look for in any industry. With a social media account, you may utilize its features to create events, contests, and campaigns to generate news that will bring new clients to you.

4.  Instagram Influencer 

Influencers are quite common today. They are people with a large fanbase and can help raise awareness about your products and services. Even the dental industry has plenty of social influencers that you can sponsor or hire to help gain more clients. If you can, find a dentist’s Instagram influencer. Someone with authority as an actual dentist is a bigger help for bringing new clients. A great example of a successful influencer in the dental industry is Dr. Richard J Marques. Known as the King of Smiles on Instagram, he has more than 5k followers on Twitter and 14k followers on Instagram. Working with someone as him as the face of your dental clinic is a fantastic marketing technique.

5.  Create a Community 

You’ve heard about The Mayo Clinic and its enormous multiple blogs. It’s one example of how you can bring more clients to your dental clinic, by setting yourself up as an authority for information. A blog is not only a place for information but an online community. You can be closer to your patients, especially if you showcase stories from them, their family members, and your staff as well. Giving them a community through your blog is an excellent tactic of marketing for dental clinics and uniting clients under your brand. It will take a while as you build your authority in the online dental world, but by being consistent, you can convert them to be a loyal client.

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