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One of the best methods to increase your chances of being hired after an interview is sending an interview thank you message. Why is it so important?

According to a survey by Careerbuilder, 22% of all hiring executives say they are hesitant to hire a person who hasn’t thanked them. 56% of managers deem a thank you message as a sign of determination. What are you waiting for? Follow these steps to increase your chances of being hired and achieve your career goals in 2019.

  1. Think of a unique format

A mistake many candidates make is that they take existing templates and copy-paste them for quick sending. You’re aware that hiring managers have internet too, right? With a simple Google search, they can find out that you’ve copied your interview thank you message. Leaving that kind of an impression is something you can’t afford.

If you’re not sure if you can realize your ideas, use the help of writing services. Sites such as Brill Assignment, Scholar Advisor and Best Essays have experts in writing interview thank you message. You can collaborate with them.

  1. Add a personal tone

You’re probably not going to be the only candidate that will send a thank you message. Therefore, you have to invest effort into being remembered. Approach the hiring manager personally and refer to some points from your interview.

According to Proessaywriting knowledge, tell them about the challenges concerning the position and what makes you the right man for the job. Be professional, but candid.

  1. Emphasize value

An interview thank you message is the best way to introduce the hiring manager to your qualities. Explain the skills you have and how will they translate to excellent performance at your possible new position. Just showing that you’re aware of what’s needed for the job will increase your chances to get hired.

Awareness of responsibility is something employers value a lot. Thus, use “responsibility” as a keyword and explain how each of your experiences molded you into the responsible person you are now.

  1. Add to your existing value

After the interview, you might realize that you’ve missed something in your resume or that it’s too “thin” for the position you’re aiming for. The thank you message is an ideal chance to emphasize your skills.

When you’ve prepared the existing structure, elaborate on how even the most unrelated activities contributed to the development of your skills. Connect sports to teamwork, studying abroad to challenges and school with responsibility.

  1. Refer to any problems or objections

Hiring managers and interviewers are trained to ask questions that can bring the candidate’s flaws to light. Don’t dwell if something like that happened during the interview.

In one of the later paragraphs in your message, add your objections and counter-argument to any factors that might disqualify you from being hired. Do it so in a polite and cordial matter, but with confidence in your abilities and your potential, suggests Tom Johnson, a project manager at

  1. Be suggestive

As you’re concluding your letter, you need to remind the person reading it that you want the job. Don’t say so explicitly. “I’m looking forward to hearing from you/I’m eager to experience the next phase in the hiring process.”

Insert a bland of excitement and confidence, but in a calm manner. In the concluding paragraph, emphasize why you think you’re an ideal candidate for the job. Making this the conclusion of your message will strengthen its structure.

  1. Send a message even if you didn’t get hired

Even if you didn’t get the job, take the time to send a thank-you message. It’s a great way of standing out for several reasons. For example – you never know how the chosen candidate will perform initially. If he or she isn’t fit for the position, the company is likely to call someone who they’ve already interviewed in the past. Say the following things:

  • I’m grateful for being given a chance
  • I appreciate your invested time
  • I’m interested in future chances to work with you

Concluding thoughts

With these 7 steps, you can showcase your quality, manners, and willingness to be hired. By manifesting such qualities, you are drastically increasing your chances of landing a job and leaving a good impression.


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