Becoming a Periodontist: Here’s What You Need to Know

Seeing a periodontist regularly is essential to maintaining a good bill of health. Doing so may help to avoid a dental emergency, an unfavorable outcome since it’s often unclear whether your insurance company will help in paying for it. Have you considered a career as a dentist? If you have but are searching for an interesting specialization, […]

How to Build a Career in Dentistry

Like many other fields in the medical industry, the dental industry is growing every year, and there are more demands for qualified candidates than ever before. But there are far more opportunities than just working as a dentist. While they earn far less than a dentist, a dental hygienist can make a pretty good salary […]

How Dental Offices Can Improve Patient Privacy

Seeking dental care can be a vulnerable experience for a number of reasons. Although it’s common for people to have fears associated with going to the dentist, the risk that their private information could be stolen and misused shouldn’t add to those feelings. Because of this, dental care professional should take extra care in protecting […]

How to Educate Patients on Gum Health

You know that poor dental health leads to serious problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease, but do your patients know the real impact of their bad habits? Their daily soda habit, or cigarette addiction, could lead to expensive and dangerous diseases of the gums, teeth, and mouth. As a dentist, you know it’s your responsibility […]

Starting a Dental Career Later in Life

You might be considering a career change for a number of reasons: you’re burnt out on your current career, you want to help people, your kids are grown and you’ve decided to return to school, or maybe you just want to make more money in a rewarding industry. A career in dentistry might be the […]

The Importance of Taking Time to Educate Dental Patients

While patients rarely have dangerous conditions when seeking dental care, “going to the dentist” is a universally hated activity. Part of it may have to do with guilt — most people don’t take as much care of their teeth as they know they should. Part of it is the dread of needing to have work […]

Is a Dental Career the Right Choice for You?

  Dentists have a lot to contend with. No one likes visiting the dentist — or at least, that’s the stereotype. Dental work is scary, it can be painful, and it’s another expensive aspect of healthcare. As a dentist, it’s your job to ease fears and reduce stress, all while paying attention to tiny details […]