New Tax Filing Deadlines!

Are you in charge of payroll for your office?  If so, you have a new filing deadline for 2017!  Forms W-2 and most Form 1099-MISC are due to the IRS by Jan. 31, 2017 (same date they are due to the taxpayer).  Meaning, you no longer have until Feb. 28 or Mar. 31 if filing […]

Dental Tax Trends Series

Tax season is here! Make sure you are up-to-date on the most recent tax trends by reading our helpful hints from Kate Willeford, CPA, owner of the Willeford Group.  Broken up into a series, she’s outlined everything you need to know to be prepared for taxes! Part 1: Are you About to Pay More Taxes […]

Dental Tax Trends: Are You Fully Using Your Retirement Plan?

Do you know the maximum amount you can put into your retirement plan this year?  Most dentists and team members are not fully funding their retirement plan each year—leaving tax deductions and asset growth on the table. The ideal plan varies depending upon length of time you or your Doctor have had employees, how many […]

Dental Tax Trends: Are You About to Pay More Taxes Than Ever Before?

Are you aware of specifically how much cash the new tax legislation is costing you?  18 bills were passed in 2015 that affect taxes—adding up to more than 150 tax changes!  I work with over 275 dental practices a year in over 21 states and I am continually reminded that, this year, proactive tax planning […]