Things I Wish I Had Asked When I Interviewed For My First Dental Job

After graduation from dental school, the world seemed like my oyster. I could not wait to find my first job and start earning a living. What I didn’t know was that I didn’t know so much. Looking back, I am glad I had such zest for my quest, but I am not so glad I […]

When is it Time to Leave Your Dental Home?

Despite a Gallup poll suggesting only 13% of us are engaged in our work environments, most of us will stay in the same boring position because we fear change, lack other opportunities, or simply lack initiative to hunt for the next dental home. It’s ironic that we work to help others find a good dental […]

Corporate or Boutique?

The Pros and Cons of Big Vs. Small Dentistry If you look at Wal-Mart vs. the little shoe shop on the corner you will begin to understand the differences between big care and little care. When I was younger, my parents owned a shoe store. It is where I learned how to treat customers and […]

How to Ensure that You’re Earning a Rock Star Wage

Everyone uses a different measuring stick to determine wages in a dental office. Figuring out what is important to your boss is essential when attempting to pull in the wage you want. Although this list could be more extensive, here are my top five tips for bringing in rock star wages:   1. Come to […]