How to Better Lives Through Dental Coding

When I thought about writing an article about helping others, my mind went immediately to those that have helped me. We live our lives on the backs of those who have gone before us, and we cannot achieve anything without building upon someone else’s work or without the assistance of others. When I was working […]

Office Meetings and Training Pays Future Dividends

Many practices have office regular office meetings. These are seen somewhere on the scale between enthusiasm and dread. Life-long learning is needed in day-to-day life in our ever-changing world. Dental practice training and retraining is also required. We recognize needed training for annual OSHA/Infection Control training and CPR/BLS certification. When new technology is purchased, training […]

A Taste of DentalCodeology: A Gingivitis Code Finally!

Imagine your patient presents with inflamed, hemorrhagic gingiva, light to moderate subgingival calculus and generalized pseudo-pocketing. For all of the history of Current Dental Terminology (CDT) coding, there have been no truly accurate codes for the treatment of this patient’s needs. There has been a gap. In 2017, that story will change and bring a […]

Increase Practice Efficiency and Profitability: 90 Days of Baby Steps

At the beginning of the year, we have the opportunity for a new start. Yet, we often get bogged down by what we didn’t accomplish in 2015. Why? Most often we don’t have a simple, actionable system or strategy. Rather than taking a year at a time, look at 90 days and add one simple, […]