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ATLANTA – August 6, 2013 –, the premiere online jobs network that’s free for jobseeking dental professionals to connect with dental practices that have job openings, today announced the release of its Immediate Temp service, which allows dental offices to post short-notice, temporary vacancies in real-time. Immediate Temp notices are sent via email and text message to local jobseekers who have opted in to receive them.

“Immediate Temp gives dentists the flexibility to respond quickly to suddenly vacancies on their staff, whether expected or unexpected,” founder and CEO, Tonya Lanthier, said. “It also gives job-seekers an opportunity to build experience and skills if they make themselves available for Immediate Temp jobs.”

Immediate Temp is available for employers for a flat fee of $59, and Immediate Temp job notices run for 72 hours. Unlike other job ads, Immediate Temp is designed to meet a need that on short notice, whether expected or not, by getting the word out to qualified professionals who have opted in to receive them.

“Right off the bat I see the potential and value in the Immediate Temp service,” said Daniel A. King, D.D.S., pediatric specialist and founder of Children’s Dental Zone in Alpharetta, GA. “In a large practice it can happen once or twice a month that someone can’t make it in due to a sick child or other unexpected emergency, and we usually don’t know about it until the night before. It would be extremely useful to send out an Immediate Temp alert, get phone calls from qualified individuals, and have the chance to talk to them first rather than having to use whoever a temp agency might send over.”


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