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How Do Dentist Offices Manage Paperwork and Various Procedures?

Posted December 19, 2017

Rachelle Wilber

With numerous innovations in dental care in recent years, more people who would once do anything to avoid a trip to the dentist are now thinking twice about that strategy. As a result, those in charge of managing dental practices find themselves with a much larger workload that in previous years. Because of this, they have to use technology and teamwork to properly manage their paperwork and other procedures. To learn more about just how this is done, here are some key factors that go into running a successful office.

Maintain up-to-Date Legal and Insurance Information

To properly manage paperwork and other procedures within a dental office, it’s imperative that the practice maintain legal, insurance, and financial information that is always up-to-date. By doing so, any questions or concerns that come up from patients or within the practice itself can be resolved in a timely manner.

Utilize the Latest Office Technology

With various types of dental software available, it’s now possible to manage virtually any and all types of paperwork and other procedures. However, to be sure you get the software that will work best for your practice, make it a point to compare different software packages, and use input from other staff members as well as the dentist to make the right choice. This is especially important with software that deals with patient scheduling and billing, since errors in these areas will not only be time-consuming to correct, but will also give the practice a reputation for inefficiency.

Visit Your Dentist for Teeth Whitening

If you find you are not satisfied with the appearance of your smile, it may be a good idea to visit a dentist, such as one that provides teeth whitening in Burnsville, MN, to get your teeth whitened. After examining your teeth and providing you with a professional cleaning to remove any staining caused by food or tobacco, your dentist may decide a tooth whitening procedure is needed. After this is completed in the office, the dentist may recommend continued whitening treatments that can be done at home, such as using whitening toothpaste or whitening strips.

Establish Pricing Guidelines

Along with excellent customer service, having clear pricing guidelines can help a dental practice manage paperwork and other procedures more efficiently. Not only do these guidelines extend to patient services, but also to various practice expenses such as rent and dental supplies.

Market Your Practice

While it may be a surprise to some, properly marketing your dental practice can actually help in managing paperwork and other procedures. By keeping track of patient visits and sending reminders via postcards, e-mail, or text message, you’ll be able to manage the office with much more efficiency. Along with this, by letting patients know about special pricing on certain procedures or any special patient appreciation offers, you can not only gain new patients, but be much more efficient in keeping existing ones as well.

Monitor Key Production Indicators

For any dental practice to be successful in today’s competitive world of healthcare, it must carefully monitor what are known as Key Production Indicators. Done by using practice management software, this process is crucial to ensuring the office manager is able to properly monitor financial metrics such as revenue, collections, and the average production for both new and established patients. For example, since it is a general industry rule that a practice should have revenue growth of 15 percent annually, keeping an eye on Key Production Indicators will allow you to see if your practice is growing or stagnating.

By following these important tips, managing paperwork as well as other procedures will become not only much easier, but also much more efficient. As a result, patient satisfaction and practice management will improve.

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