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A smile speaks all languages, and the world smiles with you. Yet, for some people, the simple act of smiling can be extremely hard and a constant reminder of the trauma they have endured.

Imagine being embarrassed to go for a job interview, on a date, or even just to grin or laugh. Imagine not having the confidence. Imagine not wanting to smile and instead wanting to hide your smile. For those who have been domestically abused, their smile is a constant reminder of the devastating trauma. Losing your smile has a huge psychological effect on a person’s quality of life.

This cause is very dear to my heart.

While I was not physically abused, I can relate to these victims on a smaller scale. When I was eight years old, I was involved in a bicycle accident that knocked out and broke all of my front teeth. The experience had a profound effect on who I am today and literally sent me head first into my career.

My parents were divorced, and my mother did not have the money to fix my teeth, so I endured kids calling me names and teasing me for years, which really affected my self-confidence as a child. I stopped smiling and feeling the pure joy of a laugh. I understand how it feels to have your smile taken away. This is my why and how my career started.

The survivors of domestic violence deserve happiness and to feel confident to just smile. A better chance of getting a job, feeling joy and feeling confident. Many of us take this for granted.

The dental professionals at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation (AACDCF) Give Back a Smile are there to help lend their skills and talent to help give back that joy.

Give Back a Smile restores the smiles of survivors of domestic and sexual violence that endured dental injuries. Because dental work can often be expensive, the dental services provided by the Give Back a Smile team are free of charge to the patient.

The DentalPost team has been a strong supporter of Give Back a Smile for six years now. We hold an annual event called “Go Jump In the Lake” where we invite our friends and family to come donate to, spread awareness of, and celebrate this amazing cause!

Our goal this year is to make an even bigger splash by welcoming the entire dental community to help us raise money leading up to our big event by contributing in two easy ways:

  • Contribute to our online fundraiser. Any size donation can help make a difference in these people’s lives!
  • Post a photo of yourself (and your friends!) jumping in the lake to Instagram or Facebook with #GoJumpInTheLake and tag @DentalPost. We will donate $1 for each photo posted and tagged – up to $5,000! Be sure your profile is public so that we can track posts in real time.

I hope that you’ll share the story of this life-changing organization not only with your dental friends and colleagues, but also your networks at large. Together we can give back a smile to some truly deserving folks!


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