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“New year, new me!” It’s a statement we’ve all heard—or said—before at the turn of the year. It is no surprise that most resolutions (even when they’re made with the best of intentions) are rarely kept. According to INC Magazine, 80% of resolutions don’t make it to mid-February. Yikes. While that might make us feel cynical about resolutions, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make them! Sometimes there are factors out of our control that can keep us from our goals. So, if career growth is a resolution of yours this year, this might be a great time to dig in.

Here’s why.

Career Growth & You

If you’ve ever tried to get a new job outside of the peak hiring season, you know it can be difficult. Tack on a competitive job market and you’ll feel stuck like biofilm. Luckily, the market for budding professionals like you is in its prime right now, and is a perfect time for career growth.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the past decade saw about 14% job growth overall, indicating a strong, healthy environment for job seekers in 2020. Additionally, the fastest growth is expected among “healthcare, personal care, and community and social service occupations.”

It gets better.

The demand for dental hygienists is expected to increase by 37.7% in 2020. Additionally, dental hygiene is considered one of the top 30 fastest growing professions in the United States. This is due to longer life expectancies and dental hygiene becoming increasingly linked to the overall quality of health. Don’t expect this profession to go away anytime soon.

So What Can I Do?

It’s time to strike while the iron is hot. With the environment is primed for career growth, there are a few things you can do now to maximize your earnings and land your dream job.

Know Your Value as a Dental Professional

While a career in the dental industry offers much more than just a paycheck, at the end of the day your salary is your living. If you feel it’s time for a raise, you have two options: ask your current employer or go find a new job.

In either situation, knowing your value as a dental professional is the ammunition you need to increase your paycheck. In addition, we recently released our updated salary survey to help job seekers like you compare and contrast what they’re making to others in the same position. So, learn your value and take that into your next salary negotiations.

Explore Our:

Set Goals With Action Items

Landing your dream job takes a lot of work. But you can make it a lot easier if you create an action plan.

An action plan is a written document that lays out the steps you need to take to reach your larger goals. These should be specific tasks in sequential order, like milestones. Additionally, they should fall in line with your overall job seeker timeline. 

For example, an action plan for a job seeker in the new year might look start like:

January 2nd: Update my DentalPost profile and resume. January 5th: Reach out to references and collect recommendations. January 10th: Double-check that my CE is up to date.

Creating an action plan also subliminally trains your brain to achieve your goals. Neuroscience says you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down. By just creating an action plan on paper, you’re that much closer to making it real.

Seek Opportunities to Network

A booming market means a steady flow of events and opportunities available to attend. As might be expected, networking is a crucial part of career growth. 

Here are some ways you can grow your network this year.

  • Attend conferences. There are hundreds of dental-related conferences throughout the United States. Not only will you learn new techniques and grow as a dental professional, but you’ll make new connections that you can leverage in the future. And you might even see us
  • Join local dental groups. If conferences are too far or out of your budget, you can still grow your network through online local dental groups. Local groups are a great place to have relevant discussions on today’s top industry news, get leads on who is hiring in your area, and more. For example, start with your local Dental Posters group.
  • Make the most of your interviews. Even if you don’t ace an interview or get the job, you’ve still made a new connection that could be a valuable lead down the road. So, take advantage of your time with an employer, ask to connect on LinkedIn, and be sure not to burn any bridges.

For more tips, check out our networking tips for dental professionals!

Change your Job-Seeking Philosophies

Landing your dream job doesn’t always fall in line with your perfect timeline. It’s for a dedicated professional who is willing to put in the time.

Establishing a healthy relationship with the job-hunting process will set you up for success. Here are three key things to remember as you dive into your journey.

  1. Setbacks are lessons. Every obstacle is just a road sign pointing you in the right direction. Never be afraid to reroute your course. In the end, you’re headed to the same point.
  2. Plan for the long game. If you’re ever feeling lost or unsure about what to do next, ask yourself: “Is what I’m doing now get me closer to my long-term career goals?”
  3. Don’t give up! Don’t be dismayed if things aren’t shaping out exactly as you’ve planned. Keeping a positive mindset help you steady the course when things get tough. Everything works out in time.

Take Advantage of DentalPost’s Free Tools

We’ve built our entire platform of tools and resources around helping you find and land your dream job faster and easier than with traditional methods. Additionally, utilizing our catalog of tools can make the job search much more rewarding. 

Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your DentalPost account:

  • Join the Dental Posters: As mentioned above, getting in touch with other DentalPost users is a great way to share and grow your network. So, find your local Dental Posters page by typing in Dental Posters – (whatever city is nearest you) and start connecting!
  • Take a Personality Test: Choosing the right job relies on knowing your motivations and the way you respond to social and professional situations. Determining your core values can keep you on track to find employers that align with you on a deeper level. Once you’ve figured out your major internal motivators, take our free personality assessment and learn more about your work style.
  • Build an All-Star Profile: You’ll standout amongst the crowd with a profile that’s complete. Then, make a great first impression with employers by keeping your photo, resume, and experience update to date.

Make the Most of 2020

While it’s up to you to take the first steps to find your dream job, we’re always ready to help you however we can. Start your journey by creating a free job seeker profile today. In minutes, you’ll have a profile up and running and ready for employers. 

Together, we can make this decade your best yet. Good luck!

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