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The culture of your practice is largely dependent on the personalities, capabilities, and attitudes of your team members. They help run the office efficiently and effectively while collaborating with you as partners to deliver a standard of excellent care to your patients. This level of Care Driven® Dentistry reflects why you get up every day, what you do for others, and how you will meet and/or exceed the needs of the others, whether leaders, team members, or patients.

When evaluating potential new hires, it’s important to know the clinical, managerial, and cultural approaches of your practice so that you can best match individual candidates to the culture and philosophy of your team. This allows you to hire, employ, and invest in the most suitable dental team members for the success of your practice and delivering the optimum results that your patients have come to expect from you.

As a Care Driven® practice, you provide your patients with a level of care that exceeds their expectations. You’re purposeful in many ways, for example: person focused, care oriented, and commitment driven beyond what you have to do to deliver dentistry without compromise in a realistic manner with optimum outcome. Your patients and dental team members alike have an overall pleasant experience in the practice and feel appreciated, cared for, and respected.

To ensure that your next hire is Care Drive®, there are certain skills, qualities, and attributes that you’ll want to look for in the candidates you interview. Consider the following to keep your practice a reflection of a Care Drive® approach to dentistry: A multi-disciplinary team member committed to always giving their “absolute best” level of care to patients. An individual who demonstrates the greatest degree of compassion and respect will be a worthwhile investment, since they’ll establish a dedication to optimum outcomes for individualized patient care.

  • Passionate and enthusiastic dental and patient care professionals. Such individuals will help draw and maintain your core patient profile and enhance the patient experience by making it more enjoyable.
  • Individuals who go above and beyond the expectations and needs of patients. People who demonstrate a willingness and/or belief that time should be taken with each patient to address every issue and concern until it has been successfully resolved, or until all realistic measures have been taken, are likely to consistently strive to achieve the highest level of care and optimum outcomes for patients and their team members.
  • Professionals with excellent communication skills. An ability to communication with patients and staff alike is invaluable and can make or break relationships. Being able to demonstrate understanding, cooperation, kindness, approachability, and friendliness will go a long way in maintaining patient satisfaction and ensuring that the practice team runs smoothly.

As a dental entrepreneur, clinician, and leader, you want to find prospective hires that share your vision and philosophy regarding Care Drive® dentistry, as well as the skills, expertise, and talent to perform their required job duties. Care-driven® dentistry is an investment in patient care and outcomes that encompasses the patient’s overall physical and emotional health. When the team members you hire reflect, demonstrate, and share a commitment to that approach, everyone – patients and staff alike – can place their trust in each other.

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