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tick, tick, tick… Pop quiz for employers, when’s the next time you have a team member going away on vacation? Looking at the calendar, it’s probably Labor Day. You aren’t alone. Roughly 25% of Americans plan to be out of town for Labor Day. 

Check-in with your staff 

Always the first Monday in September, almost every dental practice will be closed. This makes Labor Day a great time to check in on your temp staffing plan. Here’s what you should know about preparing for your team members to be out of the office: 

  • Will my team be here the day after Labor Day (Tuesday)?
  • Is anyone going away early (affects prior Friday/ Saturday)? 

Hopefully, this exercise revealed no surprises. If it did show a gap, and you have patients scheduled, ask yourself, “how will I fill the staffing gap, and when?”

When will you need temps in the future? 

Even with the best planning, you’ll have team members out of the office every once in a while. Sometimes, it’s scheduled, and the entire office is closed, like Thanksgiving, 4thof July or Christmas. Other times, it catches you off guard like sick days or a scheduling glitch. 

  1. Examples of when you will need an immediate temp
  • Sick Day
  • Family Emergency
  • Scheduling Glitch 
  • Sick Kids
  • Aging Parents

2. Examples of when you might need a planned temp: 

  • Vacation
  • Maternity Leave
  • Extended Illness 

How to solve the temp problem

For most dental employers and front office managers, they have two immediate approaches to temp staff, 1) notify a saved list of past temp employees, or 2) route through a temp agency. With DentalPost, there’s a third option, our “Immediate Temp” feature. 

Let DentalPost solve your temp problem!

Designed for filling short term needs as quickly as possible, you post a temp job request, we immediately share it with available local candidates. It’s a 3-day job posting, supporting your goal to fill the job as quickly as possible. Candidates bypass the normal application process and contact you directly. Think of it as, “the most (qualified) early bird gets the worm.”

How it Works

Positions We Match: Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Front Office Support

Less expensive than contacting a temp agency, with the potential to be quicker than your existing internal list of past temps, DentalPost’s immediate temp option leverages the same database of 750,000 job seekers, matching your need with those local that have immediate availability. 

Did you know: Dental Hygienists are the most popular request for temp staffing, making up over 50% of short-term staffing requests.
– DentalPost, 2019

Have a longer-term temp need? Contact Us. We’re happy to help match a job posting option that best suits your needs. Now through the end of August, purchase a temp job posting for only $49! 

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